01.18.2011 03:23 PM

Simpler solution

Stop overbooking flights, idiots.


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    JenS says:

    We were in line at Gatwick in the fall, and an airline rep came into our flight’s line-up, offering $200, plus meals and a night in a central London hotel, for people to get bumped. Then, it went up to $250. Then, $300. And all I could think was, “Why did you sell more tickets than you had seats, morons????”

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    Tyler says:

    The best part of this, from the airline’s perspective, is that offering you $100 or $500 (or $2000 for that matter) towards your next flight doesn’t actually cost them anything (other than the peanuts they’ll give you), unless your taking the next flight with the voucher means that you’d be taking the place of a potential paying customer (which is extremely unlikely).

    People think they’re getting something from the airlines in the form of the voucher but it’s not costing the airline anything. So long as this is the case, overbooking will continue as common business practice.

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