01.27.2011 01:00 AM

Thursday morning bits and pieces, etc. etc.

  • Iggy disses PKP: Just a hunch, but I’m guessing the Grit leader thinks he wasn’t going to get Sun Media’s editorial endorsement.  I wouldn’t have made that assumption, myself, but that was then, this is now, etc. etc.
  • But, then again, on the other hand…. Don’t be too hard on him.  It’s not like Stephen Harper hasn’t changed course on this subject a kabillion times, either, etc. etc.
  • Kinsella on The Story of O! Not that one, perverts.  The new one.  On Q, with my old student council-daze pal, Terry Fallis.  I’m the one who calls Harper “the most boring guy in the world.”
  • Proletariat punk: This is a wonderful idea, and a wonderful cause.  But SFH would kick your keester onstage, Angus.  Believe it maaaan, etc. etc.
  • Go Christy, go! No surprise here: Christy is smart, telegenic, centrist and appealing.  The establishment’s choice, meanwhile, was there when things went to Hell in handbasket.  Do the math, etc. etc.
  • Alberta right-wingers continue to atomize: Nothing gladdens this Alberta Liberal’s tiny heart more than seeing the right wing rip themselves to pieces in a nasty family feud.  It doesn’t hurt that Ted Morton is also bonkers, etc. etc.
  • The NDP will oppose the budget! That is, er, etc., etc…
  • …unless they don’t. Er, um, ahem.  Etc. etc.
  • Martin Patriquin, asshole: In this episode, Mr. “Quebec Is Corrupt” mocks Lucien Bouchard, the day after Bouchard’s former wife dies of cancer. What a dick this guy is. Etcetera.


  1. David says:

    SHH could take on a reformed L’Etranger? I think not.

  2. jStanton says:

    Yes, Mr. Ignatieff really punked Pierre Karl Peladeau by referring to him as a mere “millionaire”.

    But this billionaire, who evidently is responsible for the distorted world view of those of the uneducated classes who are too lazy to inform themselves, was never going to support any political leader not aligned with his business model.

    Mr. Ignatieff surprised me. A) he actually took a position. B) he took an ethical rather than an expedient position.

    Maybe he’s turned the corner. Too soon to tell. Let’s see if he bitch-slaps some more corporate welfare bums, then we’ll know better.

    • Warren says:

      See the next bullet.

      • jStanton says:

        ah jeez… he’s channeling Mr. Dithers

        • Ted says:

          Actually, if you read both articles instead of the headlines, you’d see he’s pretty clear: no money for teams, period; possibly money for rinks (no different than we do for art galleries, community centres, etc) if there is a good solid business plan and the investment makes sense for Canadians.

          One headline highlighted the first part to imply he didn’t believe the second part. The other headline highlighted the second part to imply he didn’t believe the first part.

  3. allegra fortissima says:

    Let’s see how smart the BC Liberals are: running with Cristy Clark and having a good chance to win, or running with the “You’re No Jack Kennedy” guy and having a good chance to loose.

    • smelter rat says:

      Christy is on record as saying that she does not support an inquiry into the BC Rail fiasco, and the opposition will say that’s because her brother was involved. Her position won’t fly in BC.

      • allegra fortissima says:

        Yes, BC Rail is heavy baggage, but for the entire BC Liberal Party. Christy Clark will have to address this matter sooner or later, and I hope she will.
        Beside that, Christy is running an excellent family focused campaign in BC, which earns her a lot of approval among voters. The “telegenic” (what bs) factor is pretty much irrelevant, it’s a leadership race, not a beauty contest.
        And @ Janni Aragon, professor of political science at the University of Victoria: Christy Clark is anything but a “sacrificial lamb” (more bs) – Christy is way too smart for that!

  4. Cath says:

    Here’s an interesting article that reminds me of one of your posts a while back Warren.


  5. james curran says:

    I’m looking forward to a Christy Clark BC.

  6. jStanton says:

    … you are not wrong in your political anthropology discourse Gord, but avoid the main issue of contention – that circuses are used by demagogues as an opiate for the masses.

    There is no public good stemming from underwriting the cost of a stadium that serves principally to line the pockets of the extraordinarily wealthy. Doing so may briefly titillate those very few who attend the games, and allow industrialists and their political joe-boys the pretense of a shared experience with regular folks, but it doesn’t improve our communities one whit, and in fact squanders what few unallocated resources we have.

    What Mr. Dithers should have said was essentially “bread – NOT circuses”. If there is unallocated money, it needs to be directed at genuinely serving the public good, not be squandered on booze, whores and gambling.

  7. smelter rat says:

    Gord demonstrates pretzel logic.

  8. Craig Chamberlain says:

    Stelmach in his announcement on Tuesday: “It will not be a budget that guts funding to municipalities, mothballs health projects underway or halts school and road construction at a time when people need work and the prices for construction are good.”

    [This is why we need Progressive Conservatives federally. At least the PC’s in Alberta have figured out how to beat back the reformers.]

    Morton has said repeatedly there is no room in Alberta for two Conservative parties: the PCs and the Wildrose Alliance — and has hinted he’s the one to bring the two together.

    [Uh-oh. That’s unfortunate for the province.]

    Stelmach never mentioned the Wildrose on Tuesday but it was clearly on his mind: “There is a profound danger that the next election campaign will focus on personality and U.S. style negative, attack politics that is directed at me personally.

    [Harperite-styled campaign ads coming to Alberta.]

    The danger is that it could allow for an extreme right party to disguise itself as a moderate party by focusing on personality — on me personally.”

    [No! You don’t say!]

  9. Danny says:

    >Alberta right-wingers continue to atomize: Nothing gladdens this Alberta Liberal’s tiny heart more than seeing the right wing rip themselves to pieces in a nasty family feud. It >doesn’t hurt that Ted Morton is also bonkers, etc. etc.

    While Ted Morton is a little more right wing than most, I think it is great that Canadian Federalism allows the provinces to choose different paths. Let Alberta try out the low tax/ low govt spending approach, and lets see which province is doing better in 2 or 3 years. If it works, more can follow their path. If not, they can change direction with the next election. No government can destroy a province or country in 4 years. (Although the NDP tried in Ontario, Chavez is trying in Venezuella, and that nut job in North Korea is the exception that proves the rule. He has had a lot more than 4 years)

  10. james curran says:

    “I pity the party that wears the horns for preventing the return of the nordiques or jets or ticats or Toronto bills by denying funding. It would be enough for the locals to change political denominations – permanently. ”

    Wrong. Case in point….Hamilton. The entire city council was re-elected save for the mayor…all this in spite of their dreaded handling of the Ticats. Turns out the taxpayer hates the Ticats more than the Ticat loyals. Rightfully so. The Ticats have made the Pan Am Stadium all about THEIR needs and no that of a desparate-for-renewal City of Hamilton and its ability to host the World.

    See Gord, some of us have faith in the not so stupid, non athletically (IOW religious) overtaxed public and their opinion.

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