01.27.2011 11:19 AM

Told you so. Or, I will tell you so.

Clearly, someone leaked a copy of my Sunday Sun Media column to the Pee Em, he agreed with my reasoning, and is now changing course.

You’re welcome, Canada.  I accept cash and gift cards.


  1. Michel says:

    Yeah, but that’s the thing about Harper: everyone else is responsible but him. The UN thing didn’t work out, that was the opposition’s responsibility, etc.

  2. yoou says:

    When Harper was under corner that he needs to answer to too many question
    the best tactic he used to
    leave country
    go to long vocation
    he is disapearing
    he change topic
    he leave country

    he is bully way hide and change subject

    then people think he is too smart to stay longer and he able to do very good progress
    while he just neglect and ignore to anwer important question

    Harper is best man his wife waster all entire her life with him

    but not a good PM to Canada

    he is answer people in politic too personal
    and he is not respond to important Question because he can not change or flexible to change or agree or like to change even if need too

    he bully method keep him alive long not his good job to Canada

  3. Why would he want an election when he already has the job?

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