01.31.2011 04:25 PM

Why you should never let creative get decided by a committee

Watch this:

Then read this.


  1. bigcitylib says:

    A little different, but the network execs also hated A Charlie Brown Xmas. They especially hated the music.

  2. Nasty Bob says:

    I recall seeing a doc about Marshal McLuhan – it’s circa ’67-68 and he’s talking about advertising to the BOD of Thomson Corp. Sez he ” people see products as an extension of themselves…they “put on” the products..etc”. It was all stuff that’s common understanding in the ad world today but back then they show the BOD, after McLuhan leaves the room, and they’re all laughing – Ken Thomson is saying something like ” WTF was that all about?”.

  3. PoliticalPundit says:

    WOW! What a fantastic ad! I forgot all about it.

    It explains why I became such an Apple fanatic. I purchased an Apple Writer IIe in 1981 and ran it for 8 years until someone stole it!

    Today I work on a G3, a G4, a G5, a MacBook Pro, an iPad, and an iPhone! Go figure.

    Only mistake I made was not to buy stock way back when.

    I wish Steve Jobs a full recovery. He is brilliant.

    Thanks for the reminder of this remarkable ad.

  4. Ross Jordan says:

    Ironically, apple is now more like the evil ‘overlord’, than the revolutionary. Still, it was a good ad.

  5. Namesake says:

    70% probability ‘Quinton23’ is You-know-who

  6. TDotRome says:

    Being a film guy I agree completely that the creative needs to be a singular vision (most of the time). It’s why directors argue until they are blue in the face for final cut. They don’t want a committee of execs ruining their art and hard work.

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