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Worth-reading take on life under the Reformatories



  1. orval says:

    Well, if the Toronto Star is trying to do to Stephen Harper what they tried to do against Rob Ford, then we are in for a Conservative landslide.

    What absolutely awful “journalism.”

    My favourite Rob Ford quote: “I love the Toronto Star. They have the best sports pages.”

  2. John says:

    Interesting read, but this grabbed my eye: “Since he?s been leading the Conservative party, and before that the Canadian Alliance, he has faced a succession of five Liberal leaders.”
    Five? Chretien, Martin, Dion, Ignatieff. Bill Graham meant to be the 5th? The basic point is kind of unfair though, Chretien was clearly getting ready to retire, Bill Graham (if that’s who she meant as the 5th) was a temp. So really Harper has only disposed of two Liberal leaders: Martin and Dion. So far he’s only faced two Liberal leaders in an election. Oh well. The current Liberal leader is more than likely to outlast Harper.

    • V says:

      What do you mean that Ignatieff will outlast Harper? On February 6th he will have attained his 5 years of MP service and will be eligible for a gold-plated parliamentary pension courtesy of the beleaguered Canadian taxpayer. And soon he will be turning 65 y.o. (next year I think), and eligible for his CPP even though he’s contributed little to it. Wonder if he can also collect on a British pension since he was a British taxpayer and citizen for almost 30 years. Then there is his 5 years as a “we Americans” patriot. Ignatieff has already outlasted Dion and Rae, but I doubt he will outlast Harper.

      • Ted says:

        Ignatieff has only ever been a Canadian citizen, bud. Weak attempted smear.

        Harper has one last chance: majority or bust. The Conservatives will likely win more seats but by all accounts they will go down in seat count. If they do, he’s gone. If NDP+Lib seat count is greater than Cons, he’s gone the next day. Problem for Conservatives is that Harper is a career politician so it’s not clear where he would go with his platinum-plated pension. He has no real skills outside of politics. Speaking tours? Fox News?

        Ignatieff is equally precarious. The Liberal seat count will grow, but if it doesn’t go up by much, he’s probably gone. If it goes up by a lot but not enough to get rid of the Conservative government, he’s probably gone but it will take a little while.

        Lots of scenarios where Iggy outlasts his career-politician adversary.

  3. V says:

    All this preparation for an election is just a ruse by the Opposition parties, because after they vote no confidence in the March Budget forcing the resignation of the Harper gov’t, THEY WILL UNVEIL THEIR NEW COALITION ACCORD AND DEMAND THAT THE G-G INSTALL THEM AS THE GOV’T ….!!!!!

    Why will they do this?? Simply because they know they don’t have a hope in hell in an election that will most likely produce a HARPER CONSERVATIVE MAJORITY GOV’T …. and that’s why they have a SECRET NEW COALITION ACCORD signed and sealed amongst themselves and ready to spring on the nation after the non-confidence vote.

    This preparation for an election is a TOTAL SCAM .. SO OBVIOUS..!!!!

    • smelter rat says:

      V, your tinfoil hat needs a little tightening.

      • Troy says:

        I don’t know. Sounds a lot like the ‘Hidden Agenda’ talk that was all the rave back in the day Liberals were trying to define Harper.

        • Ted says:

          Which was about policy and rooted in a conflict between what Harper was saying on the campaign trail and promising… and what he said before as private citizen and what many of his MPs had said they wanted to do/should do in government.

          Moreover, Conservatives have basically admitted that there is a, instead of “hidden” shall we call it “unspoken”, agenda. Harper’s chief of staff told us that there was a plan to soften the Conservative image before ramping up incrementally a harder conservative agenda. MP Ritz has said “When we come back with a majority, then all bets are off.” Every Conservative in the land claims that Harper is only acting as he does because of the “minority government”.

    • hugger says:

      The Bolsheviks are coming! heh..

  4. new says:

    Wild Wils West

    Sometimes we can not reform personal belief in relgion and force people to take a course

    I think even judge before he take any case for review they put sware to bible or other book make sure he has not conflict of interst with issue or all lawyer when take any case they must assure to their client that they do not have conflict of interst with other party

    now if commision for any reason has refused to do the job done he can like judge like lawyer get permited to not do
    anything against his wishes gay can not force people to do what they aske them it is like you force all people eat halal food or vice versa

    If some one relgion do not allow them do cerain job it does not mean person lose job for not doing so

    such as this commisioner need to find new job if he or she prevent to let same sex marriage ceremoney to go on





    Soon we must force all Muslim sheikh and Mola to allow gays to marry in Islam law too

    sorry I just kidding I do not mean any harm

    • Steve T says:

      Good grief – what?

      As a small-C conservative, I apologize for the preceding post, and disavow myself of any affiliation with “new”.

  5. Brammer says:

    Speaking of life under the reformatories:

    “Mr. Harper attacks people. I attack problems”


    h/t Farnwide http://farnwide.blogspot.com/2011/01/mr-harper-attacks-people-i-attack.html

  6. Philip says:


    You really have absolutely no idea how our democracy works do you? Not a single clue. I could suggest some books or articles which you could read in order properly understand just exactly how our democracy works, but I fear it would be wasted. I could try and point you to our government web site which explains exactly how our parliament works, but if you haven’t been arsed to Google it before why would you bother to click on any links provided. While whackjob conspiracy theories, typed in all caps, may pass for meaningful insight on some other blogs, the standard here is a wee bit higher. Do try and keep up.

    • V says:

      Hey, Philip … no need to bust an artery over the obvious. They are just going to resurrect the old Coalition Accord with a new prime minister designate and a new termination date 2 years hence … and everything else is the same as they did in 2008. What was wrong with it then and why can’t it be attempted again? Do you think Iggy and Layton want to enter into an election campaign against Harper and the Conservative Blue Machine ??!!!

      • Philip says:

        Yes they do Mr. V. Yes they do. I pretty much want one too Mr. V. Judging from your conviction of a Harper majority, you should too. So let us make that happen shall we? You and I are like two horses harnessed together, striving for the same goal, another Harper minority.

      • Ted says:

        Um, so, ah, why haven’t they done it yet? Hundreds of opportunities to have done it since the last election. A couple of throne speeches, loads of confidence measures, plenty of opposition days. And why are the Liberals spending so much money travelling around to NDP ridings?

        Harper and Conservatives only raise the Coalition bogeyman because they can’t give anyone a reason to vote FOR Conservatives and they can’t make any more promises about policy or principle because they’ve broken so very many no one believes them anymore.

  7. John says:

    “We’re up against the toughest and most ruthless machine in Canadian politics, never forget that for a second,” I’m sure Chrétien would have found this a compliment. Warren’s just jealous.

  8. Rick T. says:

    The GTA is not buying the dribble from the Media Left any more. There is no Hidden Agenda, this scare tatic will not fly and as for a coaliltion,good luck on that one.

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