02.27.2011 10:38 AM

CBC News: Hudak OKs Hillier’s illegal use of tax dollars

“Liberals filed the complaint alleging Hillier is abusing tax dollars for partisan political activity.

Their complaint says Hillier is using his taxpayer-funded MPP website to help an email fundraising campaign by Sterling’s rival.”

It’s bad enough that Timmy Hudak did a dirty deal with a far-right extremist group to secure the PC leadership.  Now he’s indifferent to the fact that Randy Hillier is using his taxpayer-funded website to prop up the candidacy of his pal Jack MacLaren against poor old Norm Sterling.

It’s against the rules, and it’s arguably breaking the law.  BCL has more.


  1. James Curran says:

    Little Timmy’s blind ambition tour continues.

    One has to wonder if Joyce Savoline saw the writing of the wall in Burlington and if whe was threatened by Hillier’s thugs too. And back in Niagara Tiny Tim threw his longtime friend Sandy Annunziata under the bus and stood by as farmer Epp won the nomination. Man, that guy has zero political judgement.

  2. CapNCrunch says:

    Still banging this drum? You need some new (i.e., resonant) material.

  3. JenS says:

    Hillier is essentially acting as leader of his own party – the Landowners. Running under the Tory banner was always a farce for him. And the result is, Hudak will NEVER be able to “control” him, because Hillier doesn’t believe Hudak is in any position of authority over him.

  4. Holmwood says:

    Disclaimer: I’ve never done anything more than popping a sign on my lawn for any political party. I’m a Brian Mulroney Conservative, and a John Manley Liberal. I now reside (mostly) in the US. My sympathies are basically classical liberal; free speech, free ideas, free markets. I find both the Conservatives and Liberals do a pretty poor job of representing these ideals.

    I like Hudak, and think Warren’s diminishing him is unfair but sneakily clever, much like the Federal Tory attacks on Stephane Dion. I don’t currently know enough about Hillier and the landowners to comment cogently. Yet. Perhaps if Warren can tie Hudak to backwoods idiocy (not that I suggest the Landowners are; I don’t know), he can help a good Ottawa Valley boy (McGuinty) win.

    Norm Sterling is (you will forgive me for saying) a sterling fellow. An engineer and lawyer, that’s a decent and intriguing combination of brainpower. Engineers are about cold equations; things, and a smattering of ideas. Lawyers are about words, desires, people, and a smattering of ideas. Largely orthogonal professions, and unusual for an individual to achieve in both.

    Norm was, for part of the time I lived in Canada, my constituency MPP. He was always very good. I have always found the propensity for the Ottawa Valley itself to be quite small-C conservative (even to the point of supporting Reform) to be very intriguing. You look at the outer areas of Ottawa — populated with not only farmers, but also entrepreneurs, small businesspeople, policemen [policepeople?] and firemen, and, yes, bureaucrats. And they are fairly reliably conservative and even Conservative. An amusing contrast to Fotheringham’s “ennui on the Rideau” reputation.

    I find Warren’s alleged ‘illegal use of tax dollars’ to be non-material and small beer. (my personal assessment, no diss to Warren). I find the fact that some level of internecine conflict is developing between old-school and new-school Ottawa Valley Tories to be quite interesting. Sad, yes, but perhaps necessary for the growth of the party. Or perhaps it will in the short term tear them apart.


    • Riley says:

      This matters because in a Hillier/Harris/Hudak those who already have most of the money power and property will get even more while everyone else is left outside looking in. More poverty,more homelessness, more squalor … Even the pot bellied old white guys will be worse off on the whole because they have to guard their treasure and see more ugliness and desperation all around. Who wants to live like that?

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