02.04.2011 11:35 AM

It is Black History Month!

To celebrate same, I now have an excellent excuse to post PE’s ‘Fight the Power’ – released 22 years ago, BTW.  (Ouch.  I grow old, I grow old, etc.)


  1. james curran says:

    They were waaaay far ahead of their time. Just saw this one on MTV last week and the way back clock kicked in.

  2. Dan says:

    You shouldn’t need an excuse to post this epic track.

  3. Stewart says:

    Ah love this, I had this album on tape and listened to it all the time while I was working as a night time security guard/accounting guy at a gardening supply store in Ottawa. Summer job while at Carleton U.

    Good times, and it is scary how fast the time has gone.

    • Warren says:

      Did you see them at that show in Hull? Was awesome.

      • Stewart says:

        No dagnabbit, would’ve been great. I did see some other bands in Hull though, what a party that place was. When I was 18 I saw a show somewhere in Hull that I have very fond memories of. It was the Flock of Seagulls and the Fixx, hehe. Danced myself stupid at that show and got picked up by a 25 y.o. after the show.

        Good times, though Flock of Seagulls doesn’t hold up that well over time…those silver suits definitely were of the period. I still really miss Ottawa, though with the Reformatories in power I bet that city is a lot colder and meaner now than it was under Chretien.

  4. Lala says:

    These guys played in a dive I worked at one New Year’s Eve – must’ve been 1990 or ’91. If I remember correctly, Flavor Flav had trouble trying to cross the border from Seattle into Vancouver. They were amazing live. And, yes, we are old.

  5. Sb says:

    You shall wear your trousers rolled.

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