02.03.2011 12:51 PM

May the VeeDub Force be with you

I love VeeDubs (they’re all I drive), and I love Super Bowl ads.  Here’s the first to be broadcast this year.   A classic.


  1. Sheila Gervais says:

    A classic in the making surely.

  2. Ian says:

    It was worth the wait.

  3. Cath says:

    that’s terrific and just what I needed today.

  4. Steve T says:

    Proof that good car commercials do not need to be full of techno whiz-bang, nor half-naked women, nor slow-mo powerslides into a corner. Just something that is clever, and unique.

  5. Nastyboy says:

    VW used Jewish slave labour under the Nazis. I will never buy one.

  6. Nastyboy says:

    It is a cool commercial though. And I’m NOT saying that anyone who buys a VW is a Nazi.

  7. Warren says:

    It’s true. But I guess that’s the market they’re after for Passat.

    I, meanwhile, have owned pretty much every VW extant: Beetles (old and new), Passat (wagon), Jetta, even the Fastback (well, my folks in Calgary owned it, actually).

    My great dream: a 21 window, two tine VW van. I would give an important body part for that.
    Beep beep!

    • allegra fortissima says:


      item number: 180621496624

    • Winston Higgs says:

      Pretty much my one and only V-dub moment: Driving in our ’84 Westie with 11 year-old daughter in the back diggin’ Germs “What We Do is Secret” on the cassette and then wildly trying to yank the tape when I remembered that DKs “Nazi Punks F**k Off” was coming up next. Got through the “Over-produced by Martin Hannit, take two…” part and flipped it over…whew. Platinum Blonde on the other side, fer chrissakes!

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