02.04.2011 03:21 PM

There is a lot of great pizza in heaven, this week

Michael Batas was the Calgary Flames number one fan – I’m not joking, either – but, to us Calgary punks, he was also the creator of the greatest pizza in the known universe.  Whenever I was home, and for a quarter-century, I would make my way back there for his “special” and a pint (or two) of Trad (this video, from my last trip to Calgary, was shot in Michael’s restaurant).

Michael was also a wonderful man, with a great family, and we will all miss him very much. Θεός σας ευλογεί.


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    Winston Higgs says:

    Although I have never met the man or tried his pizza, I can state without hesitation or reservation that transplanted Greeks in western Canada make THE BEST pizzas, bar none! From La Ronge to Thompson and especially Saskatoon, they are truly the best!

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    Joe Krakauskas says:

    Warren I disagree with you on a lot of things but you are 100% correct on Michael. I enjoyed his pizza and company for many years.

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    WesternGrit says:

    Tumblers in Regina (Basically Western Pizza) makes a damned good pie. So does Houston Pizza. B-52s/Venice House in Saskatoon. Tom’s House of Pizza in Calgary hits it. Trifon’s Pizza in Regina’s pretty darned good too. Try Copper Kettle’s “Greek” (Spinach/Feta) pizza…

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    Nastyboy says:

    A loss of a great man, condolences to his family.

    First Pharoh’s in Edmonton now this? End of an era in tasty pizza making in Alberta. My childhood/teenage haunts are all falling by the wayside. I feel very old.

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