02.22.2011 07:35 AM

Week four of Timmy Hudak’s bad week

But fret not, Conservatives!  Rocco Rossi can fix anything!

“[But] cracks in [P.C.] party unity are already starting to show, as an internal squabble between longtime Tory Norm Sterling and his libertarian colleague Randy Hillier gains steam.

Sterling, a former cabinet minister, has accused Hillier repeatedly of helping his friend Jack MacLaren usurp him in the Ottawa-area riding Sterling has held for 33 years.

MacLaren is a former president of the Ontario Landowners Association, a property-rights group dominated by rural activists that Hillier helped create.

The rift widened when Hillier’s friend, Tory MP Scott Reid, wrote a letter to a Toronto newspaper in December accusing Sterling of neglecting his constituents in Carleton-Mississippi Mills.”

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  1. Sb says:

    “But cracks”; ha!

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