03.30.2011 03:27 PM

…And we have a winner for tweet of the day! Bob Fife, c’mon down!


  1. Michael S says:

    The ghost of Bob Stanfield is laughing.

  2. Namesake says:

    well, we all know who wears the chaps in that family

    Laureen Harper redefines biker chick image
    By Lynn Saxberg, CanWest News Service May 15, 2009

  3. ktron says:

    Hope Mr. Harper doesn’t have an irony deficiency:

    “In my experience it works like this: If you own a home and you have a wife, you will probably be doing home renovations in this year.”

    – Stephen Harper

  4. Ted says:

    Already sent this one in to the Gaffe Meter: http://revmod.blogspot.com/

  5. Nikki sharpe says:

    Too bad Mrs. Harper wasn’t around to show your old boss how to put his helmet on straight.


  6. JH says:

    Why am I not surprise Bob Fife made this his issue of the day? Some of this stuff is getting crazy from the media. Surely you are not going to say guys like him and Duffy in his day, have any real credibility? And do any of you really think main street doesn’t know this? This kind of shite ain’t grabbing anybody by the brass ones and winning hearts and minds.
    It’s a different universe and the Net plus the 24/7 news cycle has made us all much more sophisticated and able to spot the phonies. The press just hasn’t caught on to this yet – especially the older guys. Bob should stop dying his hair and use his years of experience to give us good straight forward reports on the campaign – forget his bias and dislike of Harper and tell us what is going on. Senior correspondent indeed!

    • Lloyd says:

      How CTV allows this is beyond beleif. Fife is the most blatant Harper-basher in the Canadian media, and he and CTV should be called on it.

      • Namesake says:

        wah, wah, so one CTV reporter dares, gasp, tweet, when he sees the emperor’s wearing no clothes; and that only sees the light of day if one goes looking for it.

        Meanwhile, on the actual 11:00 CTV national news broadcast, Lloyd’s a total fanboy: gushing last night about the ‘massive’ Montreal rally (which, um, had the same attendance as the barely noted Wpg one by MI), throwing the “coalition” word around uncritically as if it was both a virtual certainty and even already an accurate descriptor, and helpfully asking, gee, where should they go to get that majority, like they do when they refer people to getting the right type of sunscreen.

        Some of you lot would only be happy with an actual state broadcaster like in North Korea, which dares not criticize Dear Leader, ever.

  7. Brad says:

    what a loser, I always suspected he went off to school with his mittens pinned to his sleeves.

  8. Michael Reintjes says:

    Still not as cool as the photo of Chretien with the army helmet on backwards…

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