03.04.2011 07:59 AM

I love this

From my Sun Media colleague Akin:

@davidakin: On the Hill: The Kenney Branding Strategy: “We Are Losing” but “We Are Losing Less Badly” http://bit.ly/ea98ks


  1. Malcolm Barry says:

    I have heard reporters spin that these various faux-pass’ made by the tories will pass and not stick and really have no effect on the voter. The question has to be asked,what do the Tories have to do for the electorate to remember? I think there are plenty reasons for the voter to know why the Tories are on the slide and why they have to be turfed.

  2. Michael Bussiere says:

    Depicting the voter as not caring about all of these gaffes overlooks the cumulative effect. It is also arrogant, and easily recalled when the time comes, especially in ‘bulk’ format.

    I also wonder about all of this crowing over the economy from a guy who is on tape saying “Canadians aren’t worried about losing their jobs or their homes” weeks after the last election. Besides if the economy is just swimming along, then it’s a good time for a change, isn’t it?

    The target just gets bigger and bigger.

  3. Big Daddy says:

    It feels like the Tories are using the Chinese plan as a template. The Chinese government has long had a policy of buying off thier populations desire for human rights and fair government by offering them greater prosperity. The Consrvatives hope (and they seem to be succeeding) that the Canadian voter will accept the erosion of fair and transparent government so long as our economy remains on track.

  4. bell says:

    I would think most Canadians do not see any erosion of fair and transparent government. Most Canadians view the old Liberal governments as the “sponsorship scandal” governments and the new conservative governments as not perfect but nowhere near as bad as the past. The conservatives would have to do something as bad or worse for people to believe the “erosion”” argument. In fact most probably believe there is improvement.

    Reality may be different than perception but perception is what is driving voter opinions.

    • Philip says:

      Except this Conservative government completely and utterly worse than any previous Liberal government. Ever. You mention the difference between perception and reality and I think you are on to something there. The present Conservative Party seems to be coated in Teflon, in terms of avoiding the perception of being covered in sleaze. That said, they can coast along until their “squeaky clean” image disappears one day. My feeling is that change in voter perception happens pretty quickly. I believe that events/scandals etc pile up in the background, until a tipping point is reached and the voters wake up, if you will, with a new perception. Every voter obviously gets there on their own timeline. Some will never have their perceptions of a government change, for good or ill.
      All that said, I think the “squeaky clean” image of this Conservative government is gone. My sense is that a large group of voters will decide whether or not to stick with the devil they know or take a flyer on the alternative, who unfortunately carries some party baggage of his own.
      Completely my own two cents obviously but I do think we are looking at a watershed election for both the Liberals and Conservatives.

    • MJH says:

      Most Canadians are paying attention to their families and jobs. They are not political junkies watching political shows and blogging. Some think Bev Oda is the President of Somalia!!

      • Philip says:

        I’m not completely sure why you think Canadians are incapable of raising their families, holding down a job and keeping up on current affairs in their own country. What with TV, newspapers and the internet it is actually quite easy to keep up with Canadian politics while doing other things.

        • MJH says:

          They could, but they are not engaged at this time. The economy is improving, job prospects are sound and the country is headed in the right direstion. Life is good. Peace.

          • Namesake says:

            Life was better, in 2006 (when there were a lot more employed, for a lot better wages), but we still threw the bums out for a lot less corruption and arrogance than this lot has been showing since day 1. No justice, no peace.

          • Philip says:

            First you say we have bigger problems like the economy and jobs, then you say the economy is fine and job prospects are sound. You can’t have it both ways. Which is it? I also find it interesting that you seem to think that Canadians can either enjoy a robust economy OR a functioning democracy but not both at the same time. Why do we have to choose? Shouldn’t we be able to have both and more importantly the CPC should not continue to underestimate the intelligence of the ehe electorate.

  5. Andrew says:

    Big Daddy: you are spot on! This bunch of Conservatives don’t give a hoot about accountability or democracy. Unfortunately much of the the media don’t seem to care either.

  6. Pete says:

    There are rumours floating around that there maybe a non confidence motion floated mid next week to trap the Dippers into an election b/f the budget is out.

  7. RBM says:


    You aren’t talking about this Kenney are you? Accountability, at what price sir?

  8. RBM says:


    If he had one Oda of respect for the political process he would fall on his sword, but his bm buddy Baird will rescue him too.

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