03.30.2011 03:39 PM

Important March 4 email from Tony Genco for Vaughan Federal Liberals!

From: Tony Genco [mailto:tonygenco@yahoo.ca]
Sent: Friday, March 04, 2011 10:37 AM
Subject: FW: VFLA March 31st Fundraiser Invitation

See enclosed.  I would appreciate any support you can provide to this initiative. Its very important as we prepare for a spring election. As you know, donations must be of a personal donation but the discounted price for a table suits the maximum allowed per an individual. I look forward to your support. Please let me know how many tickets or ideally tables you can take for this important event.



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    JenS says:

    His statement was ridiculously over-the-top, clearly the rantings of a wannabe-candidate scorned.

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    Ted says:

    Just 8 days ago he was still trying to get his nomination papers together to run for the nomination.

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    Lance says:

    Maybe he wants to look Julian Fantino in the eye to make sure that they have the same values. 😉

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    fritz says:

    Greg Weston just asked a very good question about this ‘betrayal’. Why was Tony Genco; a guy who almost beat Fantino a few months ago; not the Liberal candidate again this time? I think there is still a lot more to be told on this story.

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      JenS says:

      The nomination isn’t a coronation of whomever ran last. Perhaps the local riding association felt the ex-Regional councillor now running would have a better chance, and that it was a different race this time around, what with it being a national one, as opposed to just a by-election.

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        reformatory says:

        Agreed and besides Mario Ferri is an outstanding individual. His experience and abilities will earn so much more for Vaughan than Fantino ever can dream of.

        Ferri knows how to get things done.. and has excellent ties and relationships with Vaughan’s mayor.

        Calling everybody in Vaughan to do the smart thing.. the right thing.. Send both Genco and Fantino packing.

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          fritz says:

          I don’t doubt the new Liberal candidate is a fine fellow and very qualified.
          I’m only asking why Mr. Genco who was a very good fundraiser with an experienced organization that had fought a hard campaign just last fall that nearly defeated Julian Fantino was not the obvious candidate choice for this election.
          Obviously after today it seems that he wasn’t the right choice. But the question remains did he jump ship because he was not the candidate or was he not the candidate because people knew he was about to jump ship?

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            reformatory says:

            Why would he not be considered a candidate because he is going to jump ship? That makes no sense.. I can assure you, and you can even check the facts written in newspapers right after the last by-election…. some were asked if he was going to be the candidate again the next time around and there was lots of hemming and hawwing.

            He was not the local choice the last time around– but rather was parachuted in as a hurried coronation becasue it was a by-election. This time there was more time to organize and prepare so the local Riding Assoc. wanted someone more seasoned and more able to connect with the locals in Vaughan. Mario Ferri has an established base as the long time Regional Counsillor and he simply earned and won the backing.

            Obviously Genco was not happy about that and now is pulling a “suck attack”. The liberals were astute and correct all along not to give him another chance– they “called it right” and now the CONS can have the “sloppy seconds”. Trust me… he’s a putz and will not make a difference. If his motives were any different– he would have endorsed Fantion immediately after that by-election or he would have endorsed him as soon as this election started.

            Good riddance Genco– when the liberals are back in power– you will regret your tantrum.

            What a sad excuse for a politcal candidate. He’s gonna look so funny stumping for Fantino- after everything he said about him in the last by-election. Citizens of Vaughan are smarter than that- and will not fall for both of them.

            The fact that he came close the last time has nothing to do with him- and all to do with how well the Liberal brand resonates in that riding. In that by-election all of Genco’s votes were Liberal votes and not Genco votes. All of the CON votes however, were not CON votes — they were name recognition, Fantino votes.

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