03.23.2011 11:36 AM

Kinsella’s Clear Canadian Campaign Coverage!

It’s back! (Because, yes, Virginia, I now accept that a Spring election seems rather likely – and, in fact, I’m off to the Royal York shortly to speechify about same.)

As such, I am resuscitating the Kinsella Clear Canadian Campaign Coverage (I love alliterations, so shoot me) logo and concept. Every day during the writ, I’ll hand out brickbats and bouquets for the best and worst moves. I’ll be doing likewise in my Sun column and on Sun TV, too.

Watch for this logo – and accept no substitutes!


  1. Northern PoV says:

    Sick to death of the Harper follies?
    Catch 22 is independent of all political parties, campaigns and candidates.
    Supporting Catch22 is the best way to defeat the Harper.

  2. Namesake says:

    Here’s an early bouquet for Gilles Duceppe: in his scrum this morning, he submitted, in effect:

    If Harper’s not, you know, a Harpercrite, then if he’s REALLY so concerned about the economy being so precarious that it’d be jeopardized by a suspension of the gov’t and a six-week campaign at this point, well…

    he should do the same thing he did in 2004, and:

    go to the GG urging her (now him) to offer the Opposition parties the chance to form a new gov’t, rather than precipitating a ‘needless’ (and now, supposedly potentially harmful) election.

  3. Erik says:

    Will you be accompanied by a mascot? (ex: Bart the fish II)

  4. MontrealElite says:

    Notice that Ignatieff took many questions while bubble boy only took two?

    My oh my, it’s going to be fun having these cons out of the bubble and facing questions.

    • Namesake says:

      This is no time to be taking non-pre-approved questions, given all the events in the world… our job is to focus on the Liberal ads.

  5. MontrealElite says:

    Funny you mention that. I heard them calling on the reporter from La Presse when the CTV guy barged in and then when they called on the La Presse guy again Harper started an answer as if he already had the question.

    Odd indeed.

  6. Sir Wilfrid L says:

    That logo is creepy as hell, creepy as hell.

  7. MontrealElite says:

    Hey Harpo, you need to call Portugal and tell them how wrong they are to contemplate going to the polls……………….you goof!

    Portugal braces for govt collapse over debt vote


  8. Just lookin’ out my window today. Aren’t we heading into a winter election?

  9. Jan says:

    Shorts weather out on the west coast…

  10. CQ says:

    Should SunTV News politely sit back for three more weeks – as duly instructed and delayed by the CRTC rotisserie chicken channel cronies – and allow their competitors to deliver the federal election campaign news? Or should they, and you, take to the airways of the currently operating GTA broadcast signal? And to heck with commission bluster and fines.

  11. Greg says:

    Well, we said we wanted the opposition to grow a pair.. Unfortunately we should have specified cerebral hemispheres.

  12. JH says:

    I have to say that right now, talking to family and friends across the country, this coalition thing looks like it could become the ballot question and not to the opposition’s advantage.

    • Jan says:

      I assume this discussion took place at your kitchen table? Oh no, you said ‘across the country’ – you’re family and friends are burning up the wires talking about the dreaded coalition. Really?

      • Philip says:

        If not the kitchen table Jan, then presumably an AM radio talk show playing small town coffee emporium. As one of the 80% of Canadians who lives in an urban “bubble” with no access to a small town coffee shop how can I even begin to form an opinion on any political topic? How could I and every other urban dwelling Canadian ever know what real Canadians are thinking? What real Canadian values are? The short answer is that we can’t.
        Don’t despair Jan. With a small monthly donation, you can do your part to lift urban dwelling Canadians out of the mire of their political ignorance. For less that the price of an Xtra Large and a Timbit a day, you can help provide urban Canadians with access to an AM radio transmitter and a yearly visit to a small town coffee shop. In return, not only will you feel the warm glow of a good deed done but you will recieve drawings and pictures of urban Canadians enjoying their new found political wisdom.
        Won’t you take a minute out your day to rummage through the center console in your car for spare change and give generously?
        Now accepting post-dated, third party cheques!

      • JH says:

        Jan you just can’t make it about the issues can you? It always has to be personal? My family and friends are very politically aware folks and a number of them are heavily involved in the political process as well. They live coast to coast from PEI to BC and some even up North. They also are on all sides of the political spectrum, I might add. Oh, yeah and we use Skype all the time, so are not the total knuckle draggers, you seem to think we are.
        However, if it makes you feel good about yourself, snipe away.
        We’re only average voters after all and our opinions count for little I suppose, as compared to the experts.

  13. Hammer Dom says:

    Warren At Arms Length – W@AL

    Kinsella’s Clear Canadian Campaign Coverage – KC4

    (No charge for that one amigo)


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