03.28.2011 09:42 AM

New French/English LPC/CPC spots

I don’t know about you, but I think he looks more natural and comfortable in French than in English. ¬†Interesting. ¬†Probably helpful, too.

The new Conservative soft focus spot, also released on the weekend, is weird: soft music track, soft narration, and an incongruous focus on non-soft stuff (ie. taxes, human smuggling, war ships). It’s like two different committees put this one together:


  1. Harith says:

    The grits need to to keep up the rhetoric with the stuff in here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/51713650/Bad-memories-of-a-fake-lake%E2%80%A6

  2. Yep – Iggy looks comfortable in his own skin. Heard him dispense with the coalition nonsense today and talk about the fact Mr. Harper should be more concerned about it given *his* earlier actions.

    The CPC ad talks about intense subjects but the images, narration, music and tone makes it surreal and quite frankly a little eerie to me.

    I am sure it will play well with the base but what do I know.

    • Reformatory says:

      Harper seems creepy and Canadians hopefully will wake up and and send him packing. He can still be a contributing member of our society though. Think of all the possibilitites…. he can found another National Citizen’s Tyoe organization, write a book.. on politics firewalls among other things… and well perhaps even enjoy some time on the speaker’s circuit. I know some would pay some great lunch money for his rhetoric at some event or another. Any thoughts?

    • I just finished watching a live broadcast of Iggy at a rally in Ontario and I have to say that he has impressed me and not simply because I wasn’t expecting much. Maybe counting the former professor out this early in the game was a mistake on my part, because today he sure looked comfortable hammering home all sorts of important thoughts and ideas today not the least of which is “why do I want to be PM”.

      I’d like to see more of him, not less, so I hope the inner circle doesn’t hide him away.

  3. MississaugaLibPeter says:

    The Conservative message is: the “Coalition” is soft on human smuggling.

    They have taken an issue no one was thinking about, an issue that people have very strong feelings about, and made it their own.

    The question is: How is the Liberal War Room going to prepare Ignatieff on such short notice on the issue of human smuggling, when they had months to prepare him for the “Coalition” question and it was bungled the first day of the campaign. Kudos to the next day’s efforts, but the first day sucked.

    • fritz says:

      Human smuggling is an issue of interest to only those on the far right of the Tory base. It’s not an issue to most Canadians who realize that the problem of human smuggling is no worse now than it was ten or twenty years ago.
      File this one under the ‘crime is a huge problem in Canada BS’ the Tories spout, even though statistics prove just the opposite is true.

      • MississaugaLibPeter says:

        Fritz, I agree that it is on almost no one’s top 10 concerns.

        But the purpose of the ad is not to satisfy the appetite of the extremists of the Reform/Alliance/PC Coalition, but to make the average person question the other party’s commitment to the issue. By being the first to bring it out, you own the stand on the issue, no matter how few people actually were concerned about the issue previously.

        What I am surprised about is how early in the campaign the RAP Coalition has been to want to change the focus out there with this message. I suspect it may be because of 1 of 2 reasons: 1. Their polling is revealing that the hypocrisy angle may be hitting them (I think it is too early for that to have happened); but more likely 2. They don’t want the issue to be all talked out in the first few weeks, and they will focus on it later in the campaign.

  4. Paul R Martin says:

    Do any of you Liberals expect that there will be TV debates this year? The Conservatives have a big lead and they can point to the animosity in the House, the shortness of the campaign, and the performance of the Gang of Four in the last debate as reasons for not having any TV debates.

    • Reformatory says:

      There will absolutely be TV debates. Canadians will not in a million years stand for a general election and not have TV debates. Why would anybody even contemplate not having them. The Public abolutely looks forward to them, and most of the TV networks do most of the legwork. Other than prepare and strategize for the content of the debate… the Pols just show up. If Harper and his entourage are thinking to avoid them.. that would be a nice gift for the Libs. It would totally mesh well with their theme of un-democratic tendencies of the Harper clan. Besides if he was contemplating this.. would it even be up to him, I think not. And does anybody think he is afraid of facing off with Ignatieff? hmm I wonder? stay tuned I suppose.

      • Jan says:

        Poor Harper, he needs protection from the mean kids. Maybe they’ll let him bring Baird to handle the tough questions.

      • Paul R Martin says:

        The Green Party certainly does not belong in any debate. I do question the validity of debates as the content seems to resemble Question Period. Question Period is a complete turn off for most citizens and I suspect that most people have begun to tune out election debates. There have been far too many election debates in recent years. The odds of anything significant coming out of a debate is rather low.

        • Cameron Prymak says:

          Bring on the debates!

          They’re the best part of the run up to the election.

          Unless of course Mr. Harper wants to Prorogue them.

  5. eattv says:

    I find it funny that of the 2 videos, Youtube ratings have been disabled for Harper’s. Can’t let people’s opinions become part of their narrative now, can they?

  6. Bruce the Painter says:

    I am a life-long Liberal but I confess that until recently, I hadn’t really gotten a sense of who Ignatieff is. But I must say the more I hear this guy and see him campaigning I really get the sense that this is someone who is revelling in the “fight”. I am pleasantly surprised that he is comfortable in his own skin and seems to really enjoy meeting fellow Canadians on the campaign trail. This guy is making a believer out of me. Polls be damned!

  7. Namesake says:

    Slight script problem in the CPC spot; it should be:

    “Stephen Harper has misled our country through…”

    And re: the now-ubiquitous ‘Here For Canada’ sign-off:

    sure reminds me of those zillions of old HFC infomercials:

    you know, the “the classic predatory lender”:



  8. nic coivert says:

    It is looking like Mr. Spendypants done shot his wad. And the CPC knows it so they will hold there own and wait for others to falter.

    Either that or it is complete arrogance, and an overestimation of the strength of either, Ignatieff’s unpopularity, or Harper’s popularity.

    Counting Iggy out could be a mistake.

    Interesting question above: is Harper afraid of Ignatieff? I’m not sure. A debate isn’t scripted, and Harper can be thoroughly attacked and questioned. That he really doesn’t like, IT MAKES HIM VERY ANGRY. You can see his flesh darken when it happens.

    Who Harper should be afraid of is Duceppe. Talk about having your bridges burnt for you.

  9. TDotRome says:

    I HAVE to laugh every time I see a neo-con ad……they are so ridiculous, and they don’t even know it.

    Each time I hear “it’s not time to change course”, I think of the movie Wag The Dog………where their mock republican ad keeps repeating “It’s not the time to change horses mid-stream”……..Dustin Hoffman’s character keeps shaking his head, “Who’s making this crap?”……..hilarious.

    Iggy is looking more comfortable in french……..sounds like he’s been working on the accent.

  10. fritz says:

    I just watched part of Ignatieff’s stump speech on P&P. It was really quite good and when compared to Dion he sounds like Obama.
    Then in the next segment they show him in a market buying kumquats. KUMQUATS!!! Who the hell buys KUMQUATS?
    Where’s his advance team? There he is holding a big bag of kumquats and grinning; looking just like the elitist the Tories say he is. Just dumb.

    • Namesake says:

      next time, just switch to CPAC when these gotcha jerkoffs cut away from the leaders’ speeches or scrums to run their commercials or stupid ‘silly moment of the day’ segments. (I’m pretty fed up with most of the journos, these days.)

  11. A.BO says:

    Ignatieff kicks a$$ in the French language. It’s a nicely unexpected gem, in my opinion.

    He’s got it down.

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