03.01.2011 07:34 AM

Radwanski on Hudak in today’s Globe

It’s not all negative, but this part stood out:

“The Liberals have been able to drive the agenda over the past week – because, unlike Mr. Hudak, they’re able to make meaningful announcements. Meanwhile, he’s stuck in nearly every press conference and interview defending his lack of concrete alternatives. That hardly makes a positive impression among those who will be covering this year’s election campaign.”


  1. Jonathan says:

    It’s clear that you have no great affection for Tim Hudak (and I’m not here to suggest you should… god no), but doesn’t this get a little sad and boring at times? Love or hate Mr. McGuinty, it is a good thing for their to be a strong respectable alternative. We should want Mr. Hudak to be able to offer up a clear vision, or at least some worthwhile policy suggestions. Chuckles are fun and all, but I find it quite depressing that Mr. Hudak is the prime rival for Mr. McGuinty.

    Again, I’m not suggesting that you start showering praise on Mr. Hudak (hey, did you see him not fall down at the podium, way to go!); I’m just past the point that I can really enjoy the folly of it all. I’d like the Tories to be an alternative that I can at least consider. And, beer aside, there’s just not much worth considering.

    • Warren says:

      If you don’t like it, go elsewhere. I’m an active provincial Liberal, I advise their caucus, and this is what I think.

      • Jonathan says:

        Whoa, dude. I wasn’t trying to suggest you should think any particular way or not actively promote your preferred political party. That’s cool; go for it. I was just suggesting that the bland, vacuous leadership of Tim Hudak is not inherently good for the province, and that it’s kind of the same pathetic story day after day.

        It’s still news and all, and it’s important that it gets reported and commented on, but it’s tiring to see the same guy flail away. So, yeah, I’m not telling you to stop, I just kinda wish you had less material.

  2. billg says:

    As an active provincial Conservative let me say this…Hudak is a freakin’ mess…he’s Jack Layton on RedBull…he’s a walking sound bite….the longer govts govern the easier it is to defeat them..unless of course your leader makes Gilligan looks like he purposely found that island and just wanted to get Maryanne alone…too harsh?

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