03.05.2011 11:34 AM

Spotted just now in Target


  1. V. Malaise says:

    Great gams, pity about the mickey mouse popgun. She should be packing a 90 mm recoiless. I hear they’re great for hunting griz and dog whistle politicians.

    • Robin says:

      And not just dog whistle politicians, but just about any left-leaning bicycle riding pinko politicians right? And while you’re advocating for ‘hunting’ politicians with your gun of choice, let’s list all the reasons Gabrielle Giffords deserved to be hunted.

      • V. Malaise says:

        I get the impression you might be lacking in the ha-ha sense. 🙂

      • Philip says:

        No I think he got it just about right. You weren’t being funny at all.

        • V. Malaise says:

          I’m ALWAYS funny. Some dog whistles just don’t understand my sophisticated sense of ha-ha.:)

          I don’t remember who said this… a good sense of humour is a significant indication of above average intelligence.

          I know what the snappy comeback is, so don’t waste your two typing fingers.

          By the way, the term “dog whistle” was coined by a sneaky Libertarian science fiction writer named L. Neil Smith. You might want to read “Probability Broach” or the sequel “Venus Belt.” They are a very good read, provided you graduated beyond Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. (Can you sense my big evil grin?)

          • Philip says:

            Actually I have read The Probability Broach and I thought it was quite shit. So yeah I got your “dog whistle” reference the first time, thank you for asking. It wasn’t funny a couple of posts ago and it still isn’t funny. As they are my two typing fingers to waste, I think I’ll keep calling you on your “sophisticated sense of humour”.

  2. hugger says:

    Umm, about that thing sticking out just behind Palin’s behind. Is that someones behind or does that thing shoot blanks?

    What’s up doc?

  3. JenS says:

    Whoa. I think I can see Russia.

  4. Derek Pearce says:

    She will not run for president– she’s got too much $$$ at stake for that. So, as a dedicated TMZ/Enquirer consumer, I will be fascinated to see how she manoeuvers this. Because she has to look like she’ll run and rake in $$ up and until she finally declares she won’t run. Playing the public for suckers actually takes a teensy bit of skill.

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