03.30.2011 09:07 AM

Sun readership way up, Globe’s way down

Check this out.

It would be immodest to suggest that I have this effect on newspaper circulation, so I won’t do so.


  1. Marc-Andre Chiasson says:

    Show off, LOL. Musta stolen them from the G&M.

  2. bigcitylib says:

    A string of high quality Sunshine girls? Ezra?

  3. Namesake says:

    Scandalous! Placing that option — no opinion, either left or right — right in the middle of the political spectrum, and identifying the Liberal Party as the Party in the very middle of the political spectrum. Fixed! Fixed!

    I took the test , last night. And, surprise, surprise, I’m bang-on in the Liberal box. And as opposed to the CPC as I can be. As it is to what’s good about Canada.

    • Eddie C says:

      Liar. As Namesake and I both said, if you pick “no opinion/neither agree nor disagree”, it places you in the CENTRE of the political compass. The Liberal party is (quite reasonably, I think) classified as the most Centrist party in Canada. It therefore says you’re closest to the Liberals. At no point did he ever pick the option “don’t know” (which is separate and distinct from “neither agree nor disagree”. Also, he skipped the bit where you get to say which of the leaders you most identify with on a scale of 1-10, and in general which party you feel you most identify with (on a scale of 1-10), which would skew the results improperly as compared to filling out the survey with some thought.

      I am a little surprised at the results tho. I would have thought blindly answering every single question with the same answer without putting any thought into it would be a conservative trait, not a liberal one. I took it and – surprise surprise – it DIDNT say I should vote Liberal (full disclosure, I was in a massive hole between all 4 left/centre parties. Pity).

    • Namesake says:

      again, I didn’t disagree with the claim, which I also heard in the media, that picking ‘don’t know / no opinion’ across the board yields “Liberal” as the result;

      I disagreed with OBJECTING to that as somehow showing that there’s something wrong with the tool, since:

      that ‘no opinion’ on a given q. (like on the first one, on whether we should immediately remove all troops from Afghanistan) IS neither a ‘right’ nor a ‘left’ opinion on the spectrum, and if you really have no opinions on any of the issues they present, you’re, again, neither on the left nor the right, but in the middle, and, again, in Canada, the LPC IS precisely in the middle of the political spectrum, so… there’s nothing inaccurate about that result (or, by extension, the tool)!

  4. Namesake says:

    About these readership results: they’d be more meaningful if they didn’t include online readership, which has not only been greatly influenced by the news aggregrators like Bourque & Nat’l Newswatch which steer people there (but may, ugh, back away once they find out to whence they’ve been sent), but are also highly q’ble re: whether they’re counting unique visitors per day or just hits (esp. since some have ‘dynamic ISP’s’ giving them different internet addresses each time they log on&off the net).

  5. Eddie C says:

    If my “apparently” you mean “I made this up”, then you’re right. Otherwise – lie. I just did said poll, answered “don’t know” to everything, and it says “you are closest to: none” and “you are furthest from: none”. Have you been answering craigslist ads, Gord?

    • Eddie C says:

      And as namesake said, if you answer “no opinion” rather than “don’t know”, it puts you in the middle of the compass and the liberal party is closest to centrist. This isn’t news.

  6. MontrealElite says:

    And if you respond “clueless”, you’re a Harperite,

  7. H Holmes says:

    With you , Monte and Ezra all having featured columns.

    They have a strong oped department, which drives readers to papers.

  8. billg says:

    Take the credit and tell them you want more money !!

  9. C.W. says:

    Don’t know if those dropping Globe readership numbers reflect the recent redesign – where, on every level, content has suffered at the expense of graphics, colour and fluff. Much less interesting than it used to be.

    • sezme says:

      Probably – it was indeed a botch job. And while the actual paper has arguably become more visually attractive, the website became unreadable to the point where I switched my homepage from the g&m (as it had been for the last 7 years) the thestar.com. As to the actual printed newspaper: who reads those anymore besides maybe Sun readers?

    • C.W.; I’m with you….the re-designed Globe seems to be for skimmers. If you actually like to sit down and read the paper, the re-design is a disappointment. I remember sinking into the old Saturday Globe and being able to find hours of reading. The Globe used to have a nice range of opinion. No more.

  10. Baba says:

    The Sun’s increase in readership is simply evidence that Toronto is getting collectively dumber, as a city. One only needs to look at our recent mayoral election for a similar example.

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