03.09.2011 06:10 PM

The Hudak-Hillier plan for you and yours

“…go to school, work hard, get married and have a family.

“If you follow this path, then you and your family will all succeed,” said [Hudak campaign boss Mark] Spiro.”

And if you’re single, didn’t graduate, or are childless? Well, you’re screwed under the Hudak-Hillier junta.

Actually, under these troglodytes, you’d be screwed anyway.


  1. Patrick McIver says:

    This may come as a shock to you, Warren, but that actually happens to be true.

    Brian Lee Crowley wrote almost an entire book on that in Fearful Symmetry. It comes complete with studies evidence and statistics that you anti-Conservative demand Conservatives use when creating public policy.

    Of course, the government telling somebody that the keys to success are to be educated, married and have kids, is frowned upon in today’s society. The government, the prevailing belief appears to be, is to sit idly by while so,ebody screws up their life, but be ready at a moments notice with a social program to rectify the self-induced disaster that will inevitably come.

    Maybe we do need Big Government telling people you can’t expect to shack up without there being consequences. But, them again, I guess I’m not “progressive” in that thinking.

  2. smelter rat says:

    @Patrick McIver…oh for fucks sake, your hypothesis is so full of holes it’s hard to know where to start. I think you’ve watched too many episodes of “Father Knows Best”.

  3. Trev says:

    I guess Mr. Spiro has never heard of layoffs in a poor economy.

    Hard work, his integrity and $1.50 gets you a large coffee at Tim’s. Moron.

  4. Derek Pearce says:

    Tangentially, just saw Dalton responding to Hudak’s Charlie Sheen comparison. “We should all stop talking about Mr. Sheen,” delivered in a deliciously dismissive manner. Hudak’s got to try harder if he’s going to ruffle the Premier’s feathers.

  5. Hammer Dom says:

    Been a while..so…a flash from the past:


    (Jealous of Florida – lived in Miami (Beach of course) for 2 years…but Ocean Drive is a young mans game.

    Love D.

  6. Patrick McIver says:

    Never watched Father Knows Best, and at least my parents taught me to speak to others with some respect.

    All of you proved my point about society. Disrespectful to start, no evidence provided to prove the contrary. OK “smelter rat” I eagerly await the support that my hypothesis is so full of holes that you don’t know where to start.

    Perhaps you don’t know wherre to start because . . . you have no proof to the contrary on where to lead? But I guess that is why you used profain language.

  7. smelter rat says:

    @ Patrick..fuck you too.

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