03.25.2011 10:40 PM

The Insiders

The Losers, more like.


  1. Hammer Dom says:

    Warren, since there isn’t really a topic for this post of yours, I will comment on politics in general.

    How, when explaining basic economics to a child, do you begin to say that there is an organisation that has a budget that it doesn’t need to stick to?
    How does one explain that, if there is only so much money for operating expenses and one spends more than that rather than pay oneself less – you simply borrow? Why is it Canadians are so over taxed rather than our ELECTED officials slim down – not by cutting the services they are elected to regulate, but by slimming their OPERATING budget?

    How do you tell a 10 year-old that you can always spend more than you have, because you can short people or borrow?

    I think all but the highest positions in government – be it federal, provincial or municipal….should be voluntary. If the workload is too great, I’m sure 2 could do the job of one. Compensation would be a moot point because we’d all have that %30 tax cut as a result. No?

    I’ve run businesses and frankly, if my corporation operated like our ‘elected’ democracy – I would restructure and fire people from the top down. My father is a retired professor and I remember he and the rest of the faculty taking a matching pay-cut of 10%, (to match administration), which was VOLUNTARY, in the 1980’s to avoid cutting services to the institution or compromising the quality of education. (McMaster University).

    Why can’t our elected officials? Why can’t we MAKE them? Do they not work for us?

    How do you tell that same child ‘We can’t afford that’? Do we say, ‘Because we don’t REALLY control what happens once our government gets our loot?’

    I think we need to re-structure Canadian Government from the top down including job descriptions, salary and responsibility.


  2. FiscalTim says:

    I loved Iggy’s news conference today. If Harper gets a majority, he should send Iggy some flowers and a thank-you card.

  3. smelter rat says:

    What a strange world you live in Gord.

  4. Bruce Wayne says:

    His response to the coalition question yesterday was just bizare, “red door”, “blue door” and when pressed he basically fled. It’s not like he couldn’t see the question coming. Weird.

    • hugger says:

      No it wasn’t bizarre at all. Maybe to those who dream of living in Gotham City it was, but as far as an answer to a politically motivated question is concerned, it was a hell of a lot more clear than the majority of completely off topic rants that Johnny 5 Baird has given in the HOC

  5. Dennis Mills says:

    My first prediction for winners goes to Alyssa Brierly Liberal Burlington

  6. kat says:

    Gord – you should ask for a raise from Harper. You’re busier than a fly on a rotten piece of meat.

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