04.12.2011 07:37 PM

By the way

I’m a gun owner. Know how to use it, too.

Took me about a minute to register what I own, and even less to get my possession licence.

Harper doesn’t look like he’s ever held a gun in his life. His dishonesty on this subject is staggering.


  1. RDS says:

    In unrelated news, Jack Layton’s skin is disturbingly similar in colour to the wall behind him.

  2. Andrew says:

    Back to Mr. Kinsella’s comment. He is right. It is really easy to register your gun. It is not difficult to do. It is more time consuming to register your car.

    Regarding Mr. Tulk’s comments, yes you have to take a class room course (two half days) to get your possession license (I took the long gun and hand gun course two years ago) but it was not very practical. I think that it should have a range component to it to teach people how to actually shoot a gun. The majority of folks in the course seemed to be level headed but there were a few who seemed to be a bulb short of a pack and some were a bit too enthusiastic about guns. The instructors managed to pass them with a great deal of help and patience. They now have an ability to buy a firearm. That is scary. Hopefully some of the course sunk in.
    Does the gun registry save lives? If it only saves one life, then it is worth every penny.

  3. TrueGrit says:

    Had to register my children when they were born. The likelyhood of the state coming to confiscate my kids is greater than that of my rifle.

  4. Alison S says:

    I believe the stats show a decrease in the murder of women by firearms, specifically long guns in rural areas and in the north since the introduction of the registry. Unless women are no longer considered people, lives are being saved.

  5. lance says:


    ‘Gun’ is an unacceptable noun. Which you would know if you took the course. The military uses ‘gun’. Civilian shooters use ‘firearm’, ‘shotgun’, or ‘handgun’. Course, given the laws in Canada, I highly doubt you own a handgun. And even if you did, assuming you’re a law-abiding citizen, it’s useless in it’s intended purpose.

    ‘Gun’ is about as objective as ‘ethical oil’.

  6. sezme says:

    What are you talking about, lance? Last I checked, the word for gun in English is “gun”.

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