04.13.2011 10:17 AM

Caption contest!

Dubya: “Hey, Val, good thing Cheney didn’t see us wearing jackets favoured by a murderous dictator!”

Val: “Sigh.”


  1. MontrealElite says:

    “Vlad, the only Mao I know is Papa-oom-mow-mow”


    “Vlad, things really do go better with Coke!”

  2. Marc-Andre Chiasson says:

    Val: Oh my God, he forgot his Dentyne again this morning.

  3. fritz says:

    “Stop calling me Val. It’s Vlad you idiot”

  4. ski says:

    So is this photo in honour of Iggy quoting Chairman Mao in the debate last night? It’s a what 3-4 year old photo. Just wondering. Hmmm

  5. C alexAnder says:

    Fritz, Val’s an acceptable, if uncommon, diminutive for Vladimir. Variant on Volodya.

    • fritz says:

      I don’t doubt your correct re the use of Val as I know nothing about Russian names. I just noted that WK called him Val and thought the idea of GWB calling Putin Val (short for Valerie) too was a funny caption.

  6. crf says:

    heh heh, hey vlady, that my Peking Duck!

  7. Charles does not surf says:

    Oh man, Harper should’ve lit a match.

  8. ski says:

    So, in Toronto the Chinese community has a lot of second and third generation Canadians. In Vancouver, where I live (Vancouver/Kingsway) I believe the number is 80% of households are first generation Chinese. It’s about 50% in the ridings around me, including South Vancouver. Maybe Canadian born Canadians didn’t get that reference last night, but I’m thinking the Liberal war room might have gotten a few phone calls from their Chinese candidates and riding presidents in Vancouver today. Just saying. I’m really interested to see if it happens again tonight, which means Iggy has abandoned Chinese Vancouver for the old Maoist vote (NDP vote) in Quebec, an interesting choice.

    • Namesake says:

      Don’t be such an ass, ski (unless that’s what you actually, um, ski on).

      Ignatieff’s referring to one of the few good ideas Mao had for the rest of the world makes him no more pro-communist or pro-Mao than Harper’s reading about Stalin makes him pro-mass-murder.



      In fact, if you conbots & Tiny Tory Warriors weren’t so intent on just cherry picking through material to find the most damning sound-bite but actually took the time to read the full things,

      you’d see that in the much-ballyhooed 2004 interview that the last Sun burn was lifted from concerning whether MI really did vote for Kerry, he’s very clearly indicated that he’s very much a centrist:

      “ask [Ignatieff] to ruminate on the politics of the left, and he will admit to a political ideology which is almost biologically inherited: ‘I’m pretty anti-Communist, and I’m pretty impatient with visions of socialism. The bedrock of my liberalism is that I do not think you can construct a democracy without a free market. You either have a free market, or you don’t have freedom. That’s clear blue water between me and anything that looks like socialism. It [socialism] is not in my genes.'”


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