04.13.2011 01:46 PM

Contextless links

One, I will resist the temptation to remind Conservative pals that I’ve been saying their lousy campaign would hurt them.  It clearly has.

Two, an interview I did with my friend Joseph Planta, for your edification.

Three, privatization of health care is not a big winner in Quebec.  I’ll bet this one gets referenced in the French debate.



  1. Patrick says:

    One poll that contradicts what all the rest are saying is “clear”?

    • Warren says:

      Were you paid for this comment?©

    • James Bow says:

      It doesn’t actually contradict all the rest. Nanos is showing a 9 point gap, so that number agrees more with Ekos than COMPAS.

      But then, polls during election campaigns are like a Las Vegas buffet: there’s something for everybody.

      • fritz says:

        I’m not sure that COMPAS ‘poll’ is actually legit. Until they release the questions and methodology it’s only a press release from the Tory war rooms propaganda arm; QMI/Sun Media.

      • Patrick says:

        My point is only that it is the only poll that currently gives the Liberals a modicum of hope. And I also agree with WK that the CPC has not put their best foot forward. Despite that, the game has not really changed as evidenced by most polls. One has the Tories way out front. Another has it optically (but maybe not significantly) narrower than the rest. It is not the polls that are providing the clarity, it is simply our eyes and ears as we watch and listen to a CPC campaign that is under-performing relative to past campaigns. Nevertheless, the impact has been nebulous, not clearly benefiting the LPC and not even clearly hindering the CPC.

  2. Al in Cranbrook says:

    The NDP are ahead of the CPC in BC???

    Sorry, but anyone buys that load of nonsense, I have a bridge for sale in Arizona with their name all over it!

    Not meaning to be rude or combative, but really…I live here, and that’s just pure fiction!

    • Namesake says:

      well, you might be right that it’s not rep. of the longer term, but it’s wrong to call it “pure fiction” bear in mind that this particular poll was:

      — only in the field for two days, Mon & Tue — right up until the debate — right when people were hearing about the G8 Pork Shower, and might not have been too impressed with the CPC just then;

      — only had half as many respondents as Ekos’ longer term, more reliable surveys have, and thus has huge Margins of Error for the regions: like, +/- 9 (for BC) or even 11.6 (for ‘SaskiToba).

      So, only the national, ON, & to a lesser extent QC results should be regarded with much confidence. But the takeaway is, there was only a 5-point national lead, going into those debates (33.8 v 28.8): i.e., NOT majority territory, and something that could soon be reduced to no gap at all, as the evidence of the CPC scandals & lies continues to mount over the next few weeks.

  3. Dr.J says:

    It’s bloody Frankie Graves!!!!!! The buddy of the Liberal Party of Canada!! He goes to the fall Liberal caucus retreat in Cape Breton, shows up at the Liberal Christmas party and even donated many dollars towards Iggman’s failed leadership of the party. This is the only firm reporting these type of results meanwhile Little Frankie has been trying to frame this election for months on CBC. So this ekos result isn’t a shock, but expected from Iggy’s favourite donor Mr. Graves. All other polls have the CPC up by around 10 points and some up to 21 points ( which I take with a grain of salt). I think a real interesting story is the Liberals situation in Quebec…4th!!!! Looks like Mr.Lapierre was correct about the Liberal vote collapsing in Quebec. I read a beautiful post debate write up from the Star’s Mr.Olive, no link? Wonder why?

  4. Mike L says:

    Interesting interview Warren. Regarding the issue of a merger between NDP/LPC: I can see how in a way it would unite the left. But then again, from my canvassing experience this election (for a TO Liberal candidate), it appears that often times NDP supporters hate the Liberal Party more than the CPC. How could this work?

    • Philip says:

      I have seen the same thing as well. Not 100% sure about the roots of the fight but those NDP’ers do have their hate on.

  5. Tucco says:


    Care to comment of Lilley’s latest hack job on Iggy. Iggy channeling Mao.. Really. REALLY? Are you ever embarrassed to be around these clowns?

    • James says:

      Not sure I understand the meaning of your retort. So your saying that your never embarrassed to be around Lilley and the sea of biasness at QMI?

      • Warren says:

        Take it up with Lilley.

        • James says:

          Sadly my letters to the editor continue to go unpublished. 🙂

          Really I just don’t understand the connection between the question (loaded as it was) and the “Piss Off” + link to the pic. Unless you were meaning to say “I’m a media person too and I make Mao references so I don’t think that makes them clowns”? I’m not being snarky I just want to understand the reply.

    • kitt says:

      I canceled my Sun paper today to my business – all 15 of them, delivered daily as I resent Canadians being compared to Mao. As I told the Sun – what’s next on your front page? Hitler?

    • MCBellecourt says:

      I don’t think it’s really fair to ask WK that question, because if he were to diss his employer on this forum, his employer would have grounds to can him–and in this case, that kind of news would reach nation-wide and could be extremely damaging to WK’s reputation.

      It is far more prudent to diplomatically disagree with what is written by another with facts to back it up–and with the readership he brings with him, the message would be more effectively “put out there”. My ex was in radio, and he was extremely careful about what he said outside of our home, and he didn’t have to ask me to be discreet either–I already knew and kept it all within our “safe haven”.

      We hear of people getting canned because of postings on social media dissing their bosses–and the real trouble they have being hired by someone else.

      Mr. K, if I have written anything inaccurate here, by all means, do correct me.

      • MCBellecourt says:

        Oh, crap. This was supposed to be a reply to James. Sorry! 😛

        • JenS says:

          And beyond that, I would hate to think that anyone held me personally responsible for anything written by any other writer at papers I worked for, or for the paper’s editorial stance. Such decisions were made well above my pay grid, and such questions ought be directed there.

  6. Namesake says:

    You can’t be serious. That’s all she — one of the laziest columnists, ever — does, most of the time: write up one of the team’s — usually the CPC’s — talking points for the day; and she DEFINITELY favours the CPC, not the Libs.

    and BTW:

    “Almost all Globe and Mail staff, including reporters, can be contacted by e-mail.

    In most cases the e-mail address follows this formula: first initial + last name + @globeandmail.com. For example, Jeffrey Simpson is jsimpson@globeandmail.com


    • Namesake says:

      well, maybe – gasp – we can agree on another thing, then;

      I’ve only really been reading (too much of) & watching (a bit of) her, lately, so can’t dispute whether she used to carry as much water for the LPC as she clearly does for the CPC, now

      … so likely, she’s just a sycophant to whoever’s in power (and/or advertises the most in or gives the best tax breaks to her employers).

  7. jack says:

    And yet another scandal….Con guys quit over the 10 million that was reported as being given for a hospital in Vaughn when it was really given to a private business run by the guys who helped Fantino. Even the Con guys couldn’t stand it. Some appear to have scruples. Maybe explains Day and Strahl and Prentiss? These things just keep piling up….yet it doesn’t seem to stick.

  8. R says:

    Someone for god sake need to tell this French guy Ducepp
    the he candidate of PM for ALL Canada not for Quebec

    if in future any candidate come and talk their party or their culture ONly or their language ONLY
    can not participate in candidacy of PM for ALL Canada

    we respect french language of where they come from
    but issue of Canada who has 100 other language of mother tongue they are speaking
    are more important to take care of similarity and less differences in challenge more
    yes I speak Arabic I need more money for Arab that is BS to me in politic of PM for ALL Canada
    you want majority talk in united of all Canadian not made them fight against their differnces

    Ducepp need to tell to Canada if he become PM for Canada what he can or his party can bring for ALL Canada not for quebec

    • MCBellecourt says:

      I agree, actually. He’s been there for long enough, and it’s within both Quebec’s and the ROC’s interests if such a show of national unity were initiated by a politician of Duceppe’s calibre. And, love him or hate him, he’s one hell of a politician! I guess you could say I have a slightly-grudging respect for the man!

  9. R says:

    Ignitiff was in tour of bus and he may be absent for reason of doing job
    but internet and iphone can allow party in future in their absent unless is sickness day
    to hear and able to vote by computer from long distance as well.

    some times people need rather than stay in office 4 walls to go around people and see face to face among people
    to grow among them or not scared of public like Harper scared of public people and talk
    politician need to grow among people not far distance in office that is answer to Mr. Jack Layton

    he talks alot and may other come like Liberal and conservative and has sucess and failur
    but it does not mean the peope vote for him to come and try some sucess and step way of same failur like them in past too
    if you never come to bar you can not see you win or loose but it show you did some thing peopel vote liberal or conservatie and not
    yet NDP because he is not strongly follow of what he said to get it he talks nice but not follow to gain of his idea
    matter is NOW not past for election and future ahead

    you can be Russian American or middle easetern black or yellow or white but what Canada need to have

    good CEO and good president or PM to run Canada not their culture and force to others

  10. billg says:

    Man people get all pissy over a bunch of words and an opinion. How much fun would Allen Fatheringham be to read right now?

    • MCBellecourt says:

      I was thinking yesterday that, if there is such thing as an afterlife, what would Jim Travers be saying now? I sure miss the big guy.

      And, totally agree with the sentiment re. Allen Fotheringham–his columns were a blast.

  11. gretschfan says:

    I’m chalking up the Compas poll as akin to the work of the Imagineers at ConHQ. Ekos, on the other hand, is a firm that has been tracking regularly for the past many years.

    That said, it might be just the push that some soft Liberal voters need to show up on election day…a perennial problem for that particular party.

  12. Voice of Reason says:

    The debates were like Jurassic Park only this time “Newman” got out alive.

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