04.12.2011 07:30 PM

“Crooks in the Senate”

Wow! Hope Layton has a good libel lawyer!


  1. Raymond says:

    No shit. Unbelievable.

  2. Robert W says:

    Was that a little too “inside baseball” for it to resonate with the avg. voter?

  3. Raymond says:

    Not sure, but I thought I heard a collective gasp from the studio background.

  4. que sera sera says:

    Loved the comment – and the *gasp* of the studio audience.

  5. Mark McLaughlin says:

    Not everyone is as litigious as a Kinsella.

    (Legal Disclaimer: The above statement was meant as satire and humour and is in no way a reflection of the true actions and or beliefs of a Mr. Warren Kinsella. It was in reference to my my cat who files notice of claims against me every time I am more than 15 min late in feeding him.)

  6. Phil says:

    Layton made it a generic comment…..could have been one of a few senators…..of either stripe.

    It was a funny moment, too bad it didn’t go a bit further.

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