04.27.2011 08:32 AM

Donald Trump should stick to building overpriced hotels for rich people

Because he’s an idiot.


  1. wassup says:

    Disagree. Trump planned every step, and comes out ahead. He knew Obama was born in the US, and quite frankly he didn’t care one way or the other.

    The goal was to stir up a hornets nest and cause the Bimbo of the North to lose her base. Mission accomplished.

    Today the birther zombies and the evangelical loonie-tics are all atwitter for Trump, a New Yaark Liberano with the ethical morality of a pit-bull. Sarah who?

    The arrival of the Long Form was the final act in this play, one Trump himself probably leaked to bring an end to the farce and let him consolidate the wacko base before tacking more mainstream.

    Trump is a trained old school leader. He attended a private military academy as a youth and has a classical University Business education. His success as a business person is legend; and by and large, self made success.

    Trump is a formidable candidate, and the only person on the right who can match Obama’s Charismatic style blow for blow during the grueling year long US presidential campaign process.

    • wassup says:

      PS: Starting May 3rd it will be long past time for you Liberals to start giving your opponents (us cons and the leftie wackos) a bit more credit.

      Calling everyone who disagrees with you an idiot and dismissing us as light-weights has to stop if you want to rebuild your party.

      • JS Rothwell says:

        I dont disagree nor agree with you but you lose a lot of weight in your argument when you refer to the “leftie wackos”. Becomes a bit more pot/kettle black.

      • MontrealElite says:

        That’s rich.

        Just for Laughs starts in July…please get a gig there.

    • Dan says:

      Trump is not a formidable candidate. Even amongst Republican voters he’s equally liked and hated (35% ish).
      He was trying to latch on to an existing Republican conspiracy to try and attach himself to the base so in that sense I guess it’s a George W. “mission accomplished.”

      I think there’s too much dirt on Trump and too many skeletons to last a full-year campaign. His success as a business person is “legendary” and so is his troubled personal relationships -not exactly core Republican family values.

      But as someone who worked on the Obama 2008 campaign, I would love to see him go up agaisnt Trump and cruise to a second term.

  2. Raymond says:

    …and I would submit that he needs a new hair stylist.

  3. No man with a comb over that bad should ever be elected President of the United States.

  4. Ted (not the other one) says:

    Now all they have left is to find his communist party membership card. Oh, and that whole Muslim thing.

  5. Trump may be an idiot or may be cagey. Doesn’t matter. I’ve a bigger bone to pick with the people of the United States (disclaimer, half my family are American and none of them believe this birther crap).

    We can categorically class as idiots, morons, imbeciles, and a goodly number as racists too:

    – the 45 percent of adult Republicans who believe that Obama was born in another country
    – the 10 percent of Democrats who believed the same

    Let’s not forget to mention the 22 percent of Republicans, 25 percent of independents, and 9 percent of Democrats who say “they don’t know” if Obama is a natural born citizen.

    Stupidity, blind bias, ignorance and racism are only partly to blame. Propaganda media outlets also deserve condemnation.

    Do we want this U.S. style sort of “informed” populace here? How can one look at Peladeau’s new creation.

    When you look at the framing Quebecor’s new enfant terrible is using — take Iggy’s role in “Iraq War Planning”, a cover shot photo shopped image of Iggy in a helmet, a supposedly corroborating photo planted by the CPC, willingly accepted by an “excited” Kory Teneycke according to Sun Media themselves — how is this any different than the sabotage media aimed at Obama?

    It isn’t.

  6. Nastyboy says:

    The certificate is obviously a fake planted by Obama’s puppet masters in the Bilderbergs, the U.N. and the Tri-Lateral Commission. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!!!!

  7. Just a Thought says:

    Obama wins. The Birther movement plays to his advantage with sane voters, of which there is a 2012 electoral majority within the Democrat & Independent ranks. By releasing his long form now he gives credibility and longevity to Trump’s “candidacy”. This takes valuable media oxygen away from serious Republican candidates who are trying to make a start to their campaigns. Trump hurts Pawlenty, Daniels et al much more than he hurts Obama. Birtherism and The Donald continue to paint the Republican’s as a fringe leaning party. Obama wins.

  8. westcoastjim says:

    He is not an idiot.

    He is not a racist.

    However he is willing to appeal to idiots and racists to get ahead.

  9. Phil in London says:

    Idiot is being kind to this freak

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