04.12.2011 06:53 PM

Duceppe opens the door on the Harper coalition secret!

Harper says it wasn’t a coalition.

Layton says he’s fibbing. Says he was ready to become PM with the Bloc’s help.

This ain’t good for Harper.

Iggy says “a colaition is out for me.” Sigh.

Let’s see how true that is in three or so weeks.


  1. Ron says:

    Holy Crap
    did you just say what I think you said

  2. Ottlib says:

    If Stephen Harper win another minority government he will do whatever it takes to hang onto power. He will throw the kitchen sink at either the Bloc or the Dippers or both to win support attain the confidence of the House. Stephen Harper likes power too much not to.

    Is Mr. Ignatieff wins a minority then he just needs to govern like every other minority government has governed. Seek support on an issue by issue basis.

    So, his stating no coalition is just a statement of fact

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