04.12.2011 08:26 AM

Harper spent $10K on haircuts

Buckets is on the case!

Of such things are governments defeated!

(Oh, that it was not satire…)


  1. bigcitylib says:

    Here’s another headline from the same source:


    I’m kind of thinking its a satirical site, not real news.

  2. MontrealElite says:

    Pretty sure the stories posted on the original link are a mix a fact and fiction.

    This one from y’day was amusing but I’m sure it ain’t real.

    Report: Harper Removes Candidate Over Liberal Past

    According to Trelyson, she had no idea that her great-great-great uncle worked in the mailroom of Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier’s office way back in 1896. The problem? Laurier was, of course, a Liberal.


    • nic coivert says:

      Harper worked for Trudeau, and that is a fact, (before his Faustian deal with you know who.)

      • MontrealElite says:

        Yup Harpo left the red tent because of NEP so all the spending he was yapping about on Sunday back in the 1970’s…..he was cool with.

  3. Supernaut says:

    Satire (unfortunately). Less unfortunately, 308’s breakdown of what’s happening in Ontario and Quebec is good news for Mischa. http://threehundredeight.blogspot.com/2011/04/liberals-gain-one-seat-close-in-seven.html#comments

  4. Baron von Tollbooth says:

    That must be some super bowl.

  5. Harvey Martin says:

    Oops – link retracts story. There’s a big difference between a wanting a story to be true and the story actually being true. To quote Flanagan, however, “It doesn’t have to be true. It only has to be plausible.” This is certainly plausible, in light of the massive overspending on so many other G8/20 items.

  6. Ted says:

    The article was satire. Buckets has updated his post.

  7. fritz says:

    Forget all the stories about shush funds, hookers and fraud. This is a story ‘Joe Canada’ in small town Alberta or rural Newfoundland can easily understand. Harper spending $1900.00 for a haircut (5 times) is going to resonate with the Tory base; and not in a good way.

    It’s the same elitist behavior he’s accusing Ignatieff of doing and it fits perfectly into a 10 second sound bite reply when he pontificates about how well the Tories have managed your tax dollars.

    I only wonder who will be the first to bring it up in tonight’s debate.

  8. Chris says:

    It’s a satirical article.

  9. Brian says:

    Didn’t Flanagan just say something on the CBC the other day along the lines of, “it doesn’t matter if it’s true, it matters if it’s plausible?”

  10. James Bow says:

    I wondered when this would happen. That Sentinel Dispatch almost got me when they reported that a 91-year-old man was tossed out of a Harper rally because of a photograph taken of him with Prime Minister King. But then I read the one where Layton was banned from throwing the ceremonial first pitch at a Blue Jays’ game because of his steroid use.

  11. JS Rothwell says:

    A pack of Brillo pads and a power sander can achieve a Harper do for a tenner.

  12. Raymond says:

    I thought you Libbies said he wore a hairpiece?

  13. Patrick Hamilton says:

    John Baird defends the $2,000 a pop taxpayer paid haircuts for PM Harper (5 for the June 25th to 26th G8 alone) pointing out that “it’s quite a bargain considering where his head is most of the time”.

    Yes, it must be difficult for the stylist to work around Harpers sphincter……..

    Dont forget danger pay as well……

  14. Glen McGregor of the Citizen has the scoop of the day. We can expect the Starbucks vs Horton’s debate to occupy most of this evening’s two hours of back and forth.

    Unidentified man (apparently a go-fer) about to enter Conservative War Room carrying seven or eight Starbucks drinks.

    Yes folks, seven or eight! There’s some serious elitism going on at CPC HQ.

    Details and intelligence photos available here.

  15. From the it’s not satire department:

    Judging from my inbox, apparently CPC campaign manager Jenni Byrne believes this election will be fought on the specious iPod tax issue they’re making up at cpc war room.


    Prediction: “high tax agenda” meme the CPC has tried to affix to Iggy is going to be toasted by tonight’s debate, as will the coalition meme.

    What will the Cons have left once those are vaporized?


    • JenS says:

      The iPod tax meme has been alive all day, with anyone with any credibility attempting to shut it down as the lie it is.

  16. Malcolm Barry says:

    There are so many happenings lately it is going to be difficult for the opposition Leaders to priortize what has to be said to Mr. Harper. Elections Polls are like the Weather, just stick around for awhile and they will change. I believe it will be great to have an intelligent person of Mr. Ignatieff’s stature running the country and he has many contacts around the world which is always beneficial.

  17. Harper has more plastic on his head than the Ken doll.

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