04.12.2011 06:27 PM

Ignatieff response to foreign affairs question

He calls Harper’s government “Canada.” Not good.

Meanwhile, Jack just said “heck” on prime time TV. My sons looked up from their homework.

Layton scores big hit on Iggy and Steve on Afghanistan. It remains the dumbest decision Ignatieff ever made – listening to Bob Rae on extending our troops’ stay there.

Layton is undeterred. He’s after anti-war Liberals. May work.

Iggy goes back at him. “Let’s help the Afghans defend themselves for four more years.”

Layton is unimpressed. “It’s the same argument we’ve been hearing for years.” Then he goes after Iggy’s credibility. Big moment, here.

Ignatieff should cut him off. Doesn’t.

Iggy brings it back to foreign affairs, does it well. Iggy tells a story about a young woman going to Kenya. Others let him finish.

Iggy did okay. No one scores big hits.

Stephen Harper: still orange.


  1. Dan says:

    Foreign policy is usually pretty low on most voters minds

  2. Ottlib says:

    Mr. Ignatieff needs to convince soft Conservative supporters that he is a good alternative to Mr. Harper. He cannot just take soft NDP supporters and expect to win.

    His Family Plan should be able to shake loose that soft NDP support. His support of the Afghan mission should allow any soft Conservative supporters some solace if they are thinking of switching because of all of the other crap the Conservatives have been doing this campaign.

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