04.12.2011 07:22 PM

I’m getting emails from Conservative pals

They’re saying Iggy is doing better than they expected. But they don’t think their guy has lost anything so far.


  1. Ron says:

    when iggy speaks with gilles and jack he does great
    when he speaks to harper and the talking points he stumbles

    • Brian says:

      Yup. Also, too negative. Jack was far more effective at saying “this is what they’ll do, here’s what we’ll do instead” when he took a shot at someone. Ignatieff completely blew chance to be specific on parliamentary reform, for example, and so was reduced to repeating the same accusations over and over.

  2. que sera sera says:

    Harper has zero passion or zest. He looks a robot with his eyes at half mast. I suspect he is on drugs (legal pharmaceuticals).

  3. Ron says:

    this is war man
    there are no pals in warfare

  4. Robert W says:

    Ignatieff looked a little shaky at first, but Harper looks the most calm. Ignatieff is throwing some good hits. I don’t think he’s fighting on his home turf enough.

  5. Hammer DOM says:

    Tell them that if their guy says “That’s simply not true” one more time I’ll choke myself.

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