04.27.2011 09:48 PM

In a world run by gangsters, you’re stuck in a bread line

In the mood to hear these guys, tonight.  ‘Spanish Moss.’


  1. Theme song for May 2? Or May 3? Like it (song, not outcome) Really.

    Bought Teenage Anarchist last time I saw you post about Against Me, has become something of a favorite around here with the youngest and me. must. explore. more.

  2. Supernaut says:

    G&M’s endorsement is out. As I suspected and posted yesterday, Harper. Another prediction: Effect will be 0 – No one gives the sweat off their ass about sober pro-nunce-m’nts by the captains of industry when the public at large has already decided that the campaign is a marketing exercise. Still thinking the Star has a 50/50 for Mischa or Jack. I’m starting to think they might endorse strategic voting for ABC.

    Nanos is out, and yes – Steve’s lunch is getting eaten too. The assumption in the CPC war room that this was going to be a pure left-wing vote split was wrong, and “the NDP is a valid choice for me” narrative that comes out of this is self-reinforcing. If CPC adds targeting women are any indication, the party of angry middle-aged men lack the touch to connect with one of the key demographics (which I suspect) is moving, in the short time we have left.

    Interesting times ahead.

  3. Hainesy says:

    I think we’ll be listening to Ache With Me on Tuesday.

    “Do you share the same sense of defeat?
    have you realized all the things you’ll never be?”

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