04.27.2011 09:48 PM

In a world run by gangsters, you’re stuck in a bread line

In the mood to hear these guys, tonight.  ‘Spanish Moss.’


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    Michael Watkins says:

    Theme song for May 2? Or May 3? Like it (song, not outcome) Really.

    Bought Teenage Anarchist last time I saw you post about Against Me, has become something of a favorite around here with the youngest and me. must. explore. more.

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    Supernaut says:

    G&M’s endorsement is out. As I suspected and posted yesterday, Harper. Another prediction: Effect will be 0 – No one gives the sweat off their ass about sober pro-nunce-m’nts by the captains of industry when the public at large has already decided that the campaign is a marketing exercise. Still thinking the Star has a 50/50 for Mischa or Jack. I’m starting to think they might endorse strategic voting for ABC.

    Nanos is out, and yes – Steve’s lunch is getting eaten too. The assumption in the CPC war room that this was going to be a pure left-wing vote split was wrong, and “the NDP is a valid choice for me” narrative that comes out of this is self-reinforcing. If CPC adds targeting women are any indication, the party of angry middle-aged men lack the touch to connect with one of the key demographics (which I suspect) is moving, in the short time we have left.

    Interesting times ahead.

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    Hainesy says:

    I think we’ll be listening to Ache With Me on Tuesday.

    “Do you share the same sense of defeat?
    have you realized all the things you’ll never be?”

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