04.14.2011 10:14 PM

Just a hunch

…but I’d guess that CBC brass were looking for a little bit of insurance against next fiscal’s budget cuts.

And, Hell, if this crap don’t do it, nothing will!


  1. JenS says:

    I simply can’t wait to hear what she has to say at tomorrow’s presser. There’s rumour she wanted this out there, but I’m not really getting why she would – unless she thought people would find the allegations so outlandish that it would unleash fury against Harper et al. All the CBC story says is that they “obtained” the letter, but not how or from whom. To me this sort of smells of a party concerned Ms. Guergis (weird – autocorrect just tried to change her last name to “Ghettos”) could beat Dr. Leitch (which autocorrect tried to change to litchi. It’s like autocorrect is channeling some whacko version of Freud tonight.)

  2. Jan says:

    This came from Guergis own FOI request according to CBC. Harper had nothing and obviously just wanted to get rid of her.

  3. Tomas says:

    Why? Bruce Carson took one of his “friends” to 24 Sussex. We all know about Bernier. This is a pattern, not a big story. Besides, Guergis got the info from an ATI request from the RCMP and sent it to the CBC.

  4. jack says:

    Even better. Guergis believes the while thing is gender based. Tim Powers already has an article out. Expect to see Harper out with a lot of females tomorrow. But guess what, she’s right.

  5. JamesF says:

    As titillating as that is I’d rather this…


    … get more attention. But then youth vote suppression isn’t as eye catching/headline grabbing as the allegation of Guergis doing blow of a hookers chest (amoung the other allegations) so I doubt it.

    • Jan says:

      Because we all know that Cons are sticklers for Elections Canada rules, right Gord? Love the word propaganda – I assume by that you mean opposition party signeage because anything put out by the Cons is of course, a message from the heavens.

  6. nic coivert says:

    Prostitution is legal in the PMO.

  7. Jax says:

    OH how we forget about the opposition crying foul about her at the time, they were calling for her head before Harper even cut her loose. I hate the selective
    memory that politics instills. That goes for all parties, it is so

    • Steve T says:

      Exactly. Every time there is even a sniff of a problem, the opposition (regardless of who they are) calls for resignations, public lynchings, etc etc.. I know this is just “politics as usual”, but forgive me if I don’t get particularly concerned when a political party throws someone under the bus after all the opposition whining.

      • Jan says:

        The tradition is that the cabinet minister step aside until the matter is cleared up. What we have here is someone’s reputation shredded in order to put a new candidate in place.

  8. Pete says:

    Add the fact that reformatory operatives tried to openly seize a legal ballot box at Guelp U. and the smell of rotting Tories just keeps getting worse.

    • Philip says:

      I just love when con-bots, on auto-outrage, try to justify the seizing of a ballot box by a Tiny Tory. Apparently physically interfering with an Elections Canada polling stations ain’t no thang in the Conservative Party of Canada. Tying it all together with desperate guessing at motive and their stock whinge: “Liberals did it too. In Red Deer!!!! Oh the humanity!!!!”, is priceless. That is some seriously funny shit.

  9. Patrick says:

    Ironically, the CBC is single-handedly doing its level best to motivate every member of the CPC’s base to get out and vote.

    • Scott Tribe says:

      The CPC base will be motivated to vote because the Prime Minister axed a very conservative MP of theirs without proof? You’re stretching there a tad.

      • JenS says:

        The already-entrenched will simply become further entrenched, because they will simply see allegations as truth (let’s face it – catching a nuance like the word “alleged” might be beyond typical reading comprehension skills amongst some subsets) and view this as their leader being tough on crime.

      • Patrick says:

        Geurgis and her coked-up husband were poison to the CPC. The oopsition was calling for her head. It is entirely within the perrogative of any party to punt undesirable members. There is no story here – only another drive-by smear by the CBC on the Conservatives.

        The base hates the CBC. There will even less apathy among them when the CBC pokes them like this.

        This is not a Geurgis story.

  10. Wendy Camp says:

    It is not often that I make a comment in these pages of Warren’s but I will this morning, for what it is worth.

    This election is about democracy — the kind of democracy that people in other countries are literally dying for.

    All Canadians, this includes women and young people by the way, would do well to pay attention and exercise their democratic right to vote in this election and put that vote where it will count the most.

    Mme. Paille was compelling during the French debate because she, an ordinary Canadian standing alone, was asking not for a handout, but for fairness, to be heard, and help so she could contribute to this society by working.

    Whatever you think of Ms. Guergis, she is also one woman standing alone, asking for fairness, to be heard, and for her job, which is to work in the House of Commons as a representative for her riding.

    We’ll see what she has to say this morning at 11:00 a.m. But in my opinion those tears on television were real.

    It is the David and Goliath element in this election campaign no one is talking about.

    As one member of the Canadian voting public, I have absolute faith in the great goodness and might of the Canadian people.

    On election day, they’ll decide. And no one stands above them.

  11. George says:

    well you’re right about calling it crap because that’s exactly what this is. If the media had any balls whatsoever they’d as Mr. Ignatieff today about the Guergis issue and ask him what he would have done had he been PM and this landed on his desk?

  12. C.W. says:

    A related note to the CBC:

    On The National last night, Rex Murphy complained about Québec getting its own debate, arguing that this was unfair and that every province and region should get the same. Personally, I’d be happy with one bilingual debate, but Murphy’s suggestion is ridiculous. First, it would be completely unwieldy to have national leaders debate eleven times, and more importantly, the French debate is not held to address Québec’s issues, but to address national ones in the language that the other half of our founding confederation understands.

    If Mr. Murphy has a problem with the content of the French debate, he should address them to his employer, the CBC, who chose the questions, rather than score cheap points trying to portray Quebecers in a particular light.

    More importantly, there is already a place to raise local and regional issues in a federal election – it’s called the all candidates’ debate. If Murphy was genuinely concerned about democracy and strengthening discussion of local and regional issues, he could suggest that those Conservative candidates who have refused to attend their local debates, like Julian Fantino, Ed Holder, Diane Ablonczy and Deepak Obhrai, actually show up.

  13. Jan says:

    Enough about ethics and morality and possible vote tampering, let’s get back to the ‘Harper wins majority’ narrative.

  14. George Webb says:

    It’s no surprise that don new seldom appears anymore he’s probably42md embarrassed

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