04.09.2011 06:02 PM

KCCCC Day 15: The late on a sunny Saturday edition


  1. The Doctor says:

    It boggles my mind that anyone could argue that the NDP has run a good campaign so far. Their numbers suck, and as far as I know, every poll out there so far reflects that. They’re tanking in Ontario. The NDP hasn’t made any big gaffes, but practically nobody in the MSM is talking about them. It’s all Iggy and Harper. At least if Jack made a gaffe he’d get some media attention. The LPC is killing them so far, and so far Jack is doing nothing about it.

  2. Raymond says:

    Max was in that picture?

  3. Ottlib says:

    Yes, today I went gliding for the first time after a whole winter off. It was great weather. Lots of sun, just a little bit of a breeze and a whole lot of lift to keep me in the air for a long time.

    It was only spoiled when someone brought up the election while I was sitting on the ground waiting for my turn to get into the airplane. I do not want to talk about politics while I am on an airfield. I only care about getting air under my butt at that time.

  4. Dude Love says:

    I am losing interest in this election very quickly. Something interesting better happen soon.

  5. Patrick Hamilton says:

    Even though politics is your life(and livelihood, at times) Im impressed you take time out to have some quality time with your son…..besides, all work and no play makes Warren a dull lad(never!)LOL

  6. Patrick Hamilton says:

    re: Lois…… looks more like a hair “don’t” to me…….

  7. Dr.J says:

    Well, at least you blurred the pic in the proper spot but do not worry sir, Max will be re-elected. If we are talking official portraits where is Little Pablo’s DUI pic?

  8. Scott Tribe says:

    I’m not surprised Oopsos-Reid would run a poll claiming this.

  9. Sean says:

    agreed on all points! had a good chat today with a buddy of mine who works for a polling company…. tells me that the NDP collapse is bigger than everyone presumes…. talk around his office is “Liberal minority”… 50+ seats in play and moving etc… then again, he is the type who likes to exaggerate for the fun of it;)

  10. Mad Dad says:

    First #GPC #elxn41 TV ads air Monday including a Call To Action for inclusion in the debates, http://bit.ly/eoBkqW

  11. bruce the painter says:

    Lois looks like she’s been tasered by the mounties one-too-many-times.

  12. Cath says:

    what’s puzzling for me is if Ignatieff’s campaign is going so well, the majority of the the discussion here is about the other guys and not Ignatieff. Is that a quirk of all blogs? Just asking.

  13. Reality Bites says:

    It may well be true that the Post attacking Chretien worked out well for him, but the same may not hold true for Iggy.

    Back then there were still some people reading the Post.

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