04.02.2011 07:40 PM

Liberal candidate under fire in Nepean-Carleton

Two things:

One, those look like Celtic Crosses to me. Given the pedigree of his main opponent, that makes some sense, too.

Two, Keon’s a stand-up guy, one who I’ve become acquainted with recently. If these cowardly shits think they’re going to intimidate him, they’re mistaken.


  1. Ron says:

    moronic fools…

  2. Emily says:

    This is upsetting; I expect police get to the bottom of this pronto. I mean get those rethuglican-style bottom feeders.

  3. well says:

    Harper government need 12 more seat to become majority
    those seat will targer with small city and put police and authority and help of X-opp to help them by force and bully to get those
    extra 12 seats from small place or cities and small villages

    second some city and area liberal do not have anybody to go for election therefore they loose seat there too

    some intellegent are with them to do this kind of work too and some authority help harper to gain this more seats too


    Ryan Keon, the Liberal candidate in Nepean-Carleton











  4. Re playing tough and no holds barred…..In Peterborough the moderator of Dean Del Mastro’s fb fan page allowed a potentially libelous smear to be posted which attacks Ann Douglas, a local activist and writer. Her mistake was to be critical of the Conservative Party on her blog. Now, magically, that moderator cannot be located, and as Del Mastro has no access to the Facebook page in question, the offensive remark remains. This link takes you to a hilarious –and chilling– meeting Douglas had with Del Mastro’s staff to try to resolve the situation. The Conservative Party of Canada, hard at work representing all Canadians….

    From Twitter….
    Perhaps Del Mastro’s staff should have dealt with this libel complaint last year? http://bit.ly/c6xud0

  5. C.W. says:

    This is my riding, and Keon has been doing an admirable job knocking on doors. This is also Pierre Poilievre’s riding. Last week CBC’s drive home show did a segment on incivility – one of those listener-initiated-what-are -the-issues kind of things. It was ironic, as Poilievre is the poster child for bad behaviour. A few years ago, the National Post reported that he was “caught swearing at his colleagues at a committee meeting. When confronted by a reporter he first denied telling his colleagues to go fuddle-duddle and then, when told the conversation had been recorded, threatened to confiscate the tape”

    Weeks earlier, he’d used the ‘up yours’ gesture, or ‘bent elbow salute in the Commons.

    This is really unfortunate, but in some ways not surprising.

  6. If not Reform Neandertals themselves, Reform Neandertal supporters……this is too organized for kids doing ordinary vandalism…..as a former Progressive Conservative, if our election signs were pulled down, you could always count on the Reformers ones nearby to still be standing…Uncouth, ignorant, childish, and hypocritical baboons……Did I mention I didnt care for Conservatives(aka Reformers)?

  7. Those don’t look like Celtic crosses to me. They look like gun sights and they look like they were put there to intimidate him. The good news is that acts like that are so repugnant to 99.9% of the public that stupid stuff like this will probably help him.

  8. Canadian Kate says:

    My riding too and, given we are also represented by Lisa MacLeod, suffice to say that civility doesn’t seem to be a trait necessary to get elected here. I’m really disappointed.

    Not that I’d ever vote Liberal (I don’t agree with some of the platforms of the party, not because of the local candidate or the leader), but actions like this make it more tempting to choose Keon as the underdog to throw my vote to since I won’t be voting CPC because of the candidate.

  9. LiamJ says:

    Poilievre has all the class of an unemployed school teacher. Would not surprise me at all if his lackeys were responsible.

  10. wilson says:

    March 29, 2011

    SAANICH – Victoria Conservative candidate Patrick Hunt says he doesn’t take it personally that two of his elections signs were defaced and knocked down…

    see pics here

    • JS Rothwell says:

      Well congratu-fucking-lagoons for Patrick. Seriously Wilson you can rationalize anything wrong. Either you very stupid or just contemptuous of differing opinions.

      • JS Rothwell says:

        Damn autospell but lagoons was unintentionally funny. Still theres something seriously wrong with wilson’s ethics.

  11. Michael S says:

    Warren, Pierre has Landowners working in his campaign team in a quid pro quo. I know some of them. If you drive down March Road to Almonte you’ll see Landowner signs with the same symbol. This is an unwelcome turn of events and not healthy for the party of confederation.

    It’s not a celtic cross, you quaint city boy. It’s a rifle scope. The scope has been the gang signal of the Landowners for well over a decade. It’s how they wolf whistle. Stop thinking of them as a political group. They are a gang, and operate as one, using gang rules.

    For the fall campaign I do hope you prepare for gang tactics. It’s a whole new ballgame.

    • C.W. says:

      The timing also coincides with the Jack McLaren victory over Norm Sterling – the nomination meeting was moved east to Scotia Bank Place to accommodate the large numbers. Purely hypothetically of course, perhaps some of them got carried away with the victory, or just felt like flexing their muscle a little more while in the city.

    • Ron in Ottawa says:

      I live in this riding and can attest that this vandalism is standard practice. It is also the reason why I don’t put up any signs because I don’t want my house trashed. I’ve lived out here for nearly thirty years and can tell you that this nonsense started with the arrival of the Reform party. No doubt it’s a coincidence but it sure seems odd that Pierre Poilievre signs are always just fine while the Liberal and NDP signs are trashed. Even the PC signs were damaged before the Alliance/PC merger. I hadn’t thought of the OLA connection but it makes sense.

      • Patrick Hamilton says:

        Yes, In my riding as well….occassionally a few PC signs would go missing, but they were never destroyed(often it looked like a sledgehammer had been taken to them)until Reform became a force in the riding….Meanwhile the Refoooorm signs nearby would go unscathed…”Gimme that ol’ time religion”….”Gimme that ol’ time religion”….

  12. Michael S says:

    And BTW, the target is not Keon. It’s a a message to anyone living on Landowner turf to not even THINK about putting up a Liberal sign.

    And yes, they really mean it. You once wrote a book about men such as these. Dust it off, you’re going to need it.

  13. JS Rothwell says:

    Duh a Celtic cross is a crosshairs. I knew there was a bit of Gaelic wit in you.

  14. Liz J says:

    C’mon folks, this is more likely an inside job, no opposition of any stripe is going to deface that many signs. Chances of getting to the bottom of it are nil to zero. It does make for some badly needed publicity for the “victim”.

    • Patrick Hamilton says:

      You obviously havent known or worked with ReformaTories as I have…..a lot(not all) are incredibly nasty folk, and I wouldnt put this past them for a minute…….People who cut brake lines simply because you dont agree with their views are capable of many things…..Remember, if the Cons aka Reform achieve a majority…..its the end of abortions for women as we know it…..the pro-lifers in the party will sometimes stop at nothing…..

  15. Scott Tribe says:

    Could be worse Warren… they could be cutting brake lines on cars of Liberal supporters like they did in Guelph back in ’08.

    • Robin says:

      And also those in Carolyn Bennett’s riding in ’08. Doubtful that any of that is an ‘inside job’ as Liz J seems to imply above.

  16. Scott Tribe says:

    Real nice: Roger Smith of CTV apparently asked Harper to comment on the defaced Liberal signs, and his answer was apparently “I and the campaign have no time for stuff like that.. we’re busy getting out own signs out to people”.


    All he had to do was issue a generic condemnation that stuff like that isnt tolerated here, and move on. He isn’t even classy enough to go that route.

    • Namesake says:

      interesting… appears the Tory war roomers are monitoring this, because a few hours later they get a friendly Postmedia ear to retroactively change the spontaneous reaction;

      he “decries” it now : http://urlm.in/hlkj (G&M blog)

  17. C.W. says:

    Just arranged for a Keon sign on our lawn. Maybe we should put up one of “Keep off our land” Property Owners signs to go with it.

  18. eattv says:

    ‘Racialists’, eh? Disturbing, but sadly not surprising.

  19. The poster formerly known as James says:

    Y’know – my riding’s supposed to be one of those sleepy bedroom communities that no one cares about. It’s ain’t call “Far-haven” for nothing. Sigh – now I have to convince the wife to let me put up a Keon sign. She hates Pierre the twit as much as anyone but was telling me last night that she just doesn’t see Iggy as PM material. Anyone got a couple of good youtube links to some more stately speeches he’s given lately?

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