04.16.2011 02:56 PM

Ontario ballot question

Who do you want defending health care for Ontarians at the fed-prov negotiating table?

My guy, McGuinty? Or Timmy Hudak, who will never be anything more than Stephen Harper’s water boy?


  1. john says:

    As a teacher, I fear Hudak…shudder

  2. Ron says:

    You know what would be great?
    If all those involved with the funding and distribution of healthcare would get together and have an honest debate about it.
    Figure out how to lower costs, deliver it better without all the fear mongering and two tiered rhetoric U.S. crap
    I don’t want privatized health care…I love our univeral healthcare system
    No one should have to pay if they get sick etc. (We the readers here at WK know all the advantages and current disadvantages of what we have)
    I just want the people we elect to sit down and collectively figure it out so our collective future is taken care of

    Is that a lot to ask?

    As for your question of who do I trust?
    Neither unfortunately…and that is sad

    • Patrick says:

      So Ron, supposing I get a loan and go to GE to buy an MRI machine. Then I get an office where it fits, higher a couple of techs, and say to the public, “Come get an image of your insides for a fee. Or images of your dog or cat or your favourite watermelon if you want.” What could be wrong with that?

      And by the way Warren, before Dalton McGuinty was premier, my eye exams were covered. After he became premier, he gooses me for a health premium he promised not to impose and I’m out of pocket for my eye exams. Why should I trust this man?

      Honestly Warren, make an argument for goodness sake. Surprise us with some real info to support your thesis…something we don’t know…not the usual default, ad nauseum, tiresome, red-meat for your Liberal fan club. Sometimes this blogging thing exposes a real juvenile side of you that is the antithesis of your persona in other media.

      • Ron says:

        Is it covered by our existing government coverage
        if yes…
        and it alleviates the back log in hospitals
        so I can have it done in a reasonable amoun of time
        like 24 – 48 hours
        I’m all for it

  3. Michael Behiels says:

    Is this rhetorical?
    If not the answer is a no brained!
    Hudac, working with the insurance industry as does the GOP, will privatize a great many medical procedures and put into place a two tier system. Ted Morton as the new premier of Alberta will do the same.
    Harper will refuse to defend the Canada Health Act.

  4. Penny N. says:

    We already have a two tiered system but fear that if Harper wins a majority (doubt it) that he’ll get rid of the current system. Agree with Ron (April 16, 2011 at 4:07 pm) that we need an honest discussion about health care. As a boomer, I recall the days before we had a health care system and how devastating it was for many families. A neighbour (originally from Britain) had to return to England for treatment as she and her husband did not have insurance.

    • Michael Behiels says:

      No formal two-tier system exists in Canada foe essential health services.

      Some doctors have opted out of Health care and they perform non-essential medical services for big bucks.

      Harper and many doctors want a formal two-tier system like the U.K. This system allows doctors to work in both the public and private systems. This has lead to a public system that has fewer and fewer doctors and far less resources than the private system in which well off Brits get their medical care.

  5. R says:

    The similarity of ndp and liberal are very close they almost said the same thing
    why ndp and liberal are not merge together

  6. Kingston says:

    Warren, Your a K-town boy, I lived there recently for a decade, remember the privately owned MRI Clinic on by Gardnier, that took some of the strain of the one at KGH. When the Libs came to power they closed it. Had a MRI there once, so did my daughter, we showed our health care card, never cost us a penny, please tell me what was wrong with that. If the private sector can provide support, do it cheaper, still make a profit and the health care system still pays, what is the problem with that. If I was still living in K-town, and my daughter still does, I would be voting for the party that would bring that option back. I really doubt that would be Mr. McGuinty as he bowed to the unions in closing it in the first place.

  7. Paul R Martin says:

    As far as I am concerned, under current Ontario funding formulas, fast growing regions such as Brampton and Milton are getting screwed.

  8. George says:

    I don’t trust either McGuinty or Hudak. McGuinty’s managed to waste our money and has little to show for it but a bloated LHINS and failed e-health. Hudak at the moment has his tail between his legs on just about everything and hasn’t yet begun to punch himself out of the baggage that is the Ontario PC party.

    So for the moment I like that Harper continues to discuss with the provinces and open up discussions on healthcare options that all Canadians have but few will talk about.

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