04.18.2011 03:16 PM

Take that, TransAlta

An example of TransAlta’s brilliant business model.

The heartless creeps who run this greedy multinational – and, as shown on my site last week, don’t give a damn when they make small town Ontario families sickget mocked on Twitter, here.

Follow it, one and all! This could get really interesting.


  1. wannabeapiper says:

    Dude I really hope you give the bastards an atomic wedgie.

    It must be a nightmare for the folks living in the electrical field. They have a lot of restraint.

  2. R says:

    The question can go for Electrical cars or solar car and solar roof
    are those made some kind of electrical polution and are those are safe or not?

    that is fact each time human creat something to help them in some thing will cause other problems attached to it
    but it did not stop human mind to keep going and keep creat new innovation to help each other

    how far we can go and always find solution to problems has matter of time frame in that time frame how
    much we can hurt each other with no bad intention is matter do you like to go risk your life but feel
    more comfortable having electricty in home or live without at

    still all new change in science and techology people age for living is rising among seniors

    we need more good scientist to help us out again

    I think

  3. Pedro says:

    Possibly our provincial government has some influence over our wind-generating partners at TransAlta that might be brought to bear in resolving the dispute? Hasn’t TransAlta benefitted from Ontarians to replace coal power with wind generation? I’m confused.

  4. hochanz says:

    I’m not clear here. How does wind power make us sick again? Its my understanding that wind power in southern alberta is contributing to the Grid and reducing the reliance on coal power.
    Energy is not about gouging, but rather about making the change. Give it a try, you might like it.

  5. South of Vancouver B.C. Hydro was more or less forced to purchase over 100 homes due to the construction of high tension lines; there were lines on a right of way (above ground, not below ground) before, but now are much higher voltage much larger towers in place.

    Hydro resold the homes to folks who must have signed away any future rights in terms of exposure to EMF or impact on their property values.

    Yesterday it was reported that the resale value was less than purchase (no surprise) and that tax payers are on the hook for not only the difference but also conveying and relocation costs which run into the millions.

    BC Hydro buying the properties is a useful precedent for your clients.

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