04.07.2011 04:49 PM

The chickens have landed! The chickens have landed!

Sigh. Seeing these little fellows makes me so nostalgic.

And, what with Harper being (a) too chicken to debate Ignatieff one-on-one (b) too chicken to take media questions and (c) too chicken to permit polite girls into his rallies, I think they should follow him everywhere on this campaign, don’t you?


  1. Riley Robertson says:

    Why did the chicken cross the road?
    Do avoid debating Ignatieff

    Why did the chicken cross the road?
    So he could blame his goons

    Why did the chicken cross the road?
    Because Tea Party Candidate Pawlenty did first

    Why did the chickens cross the road?
    Because they were chasing the chicken that crossed the road

  2. Alberta Liberal says:

    “Harper’s Bizarre”

  3. Dan says:

    I have been wondering when they were finally going to do this.

  4. Kelmcc says:

    No, it’s juvenile.

  5. Ottlib says:

    What the Liberals need to do is actually come out with a TV ad mocking Stephen Harper for his chickenshit approach to this election.

    No gloomy music or serious voiceovers. Just something that will make the viewer laugh while getting the message across. Indeed, I would say they should approach some of the other things the Conservatives have done this election the same way. The 2015 promises come to mind.

    Then the Liberals actually have to spend the money to get these ads seen by people. I have only seen one Liberal ad on TV since the election started. There is no point paying to make ads if you are not going to have a sufficient ad buy for people to see them.

    • Craig Chamberlain says:

      Yep, lead with some humour — and having some fun with the CPC attack ads against you will defuse them. Expose them for the ridiculous bits they are.

      If you want to take the same license with the truth as the CPC do with their attack ads, have a mock attack ad saying Mr. Harper’s biggest problem with Ignatieff is he doesn’t expect him to win a majority — and thank Mr. Harper for the vote of support.

  6. WDM says:

    If you get lucky Donna will yell at them in front of the camera…wait…

  7. Ron says:

    what’s this I hear Iggy and team have plagarized an Obama commercial
    why do both parties look to smear each other with this stupidity

    how about we ask questions like Robert Fife did of Iggy on where they stand on law and order….and Iggy did not answer the question. They have been asking him for two days!!!

    This doesn’t look good when the leader of the opposition can’t form an answer…like day 1 of the campaign…
    No we talk about rallies and white supremecy
    Move on and get to the issues at hand!!!

    • Ottlib says:

      Why should he answer it? That is like asking his position on child pornography. Of course all politicians are for law and order because that is one of the primary functions of government.

      Did Mr. Fife ask him specific questions about specific law and order measures? Why is Mr. Fife not asking these same questions of Mr. Harper? You know the guy who has let many of his signature law and order bills die on the order paper at least four times.

      You complain about the election not dealing with the issues at hand and then complain about an issue that really is not that urgent. Afterall, crime rates are going down and have been going down for some time.

      Again, Mr. Fife should be asking Stephen Harper questions of why he believes we need more megaprisons when crime rates have been dropping for over a decade or why he would eliminate a law enforcement tool that police organizations have been saying is very useful in catching bad guys.

      All of the parties have put out policy proposals dealing with a whole raft of issues. The media should be having them explain those in more detail instead of going on fishing trips.

      • pomo says:

        well said

      • Ron says:

        that’s my point
        you can’t rail against prisons in the House, create TV ad campaigns about spending billions after having supported all the crime bill initiatives.

        Why when asked a point blank question about a specific policy, the opposition leader who is supposed be showing why is a better alternative can’t or chooses to answer a simple question..

        Why would Fife ask Harper questions about law and order when we already know where Harper and Conservatives stand…hence the reason Iggy and the red team are complaining about it

        And Fife was asking questions to Harper as he was with the Harper bus for about the first 8 days of the campaign.

        My complaint is that when asked a question, regardless of it being Harper, Layton or Ignatieff answer the freaking question.

        Prove to the Canadian voters you actually deserve the vote.

      • smelter rat says:

        Crime rates have been dropping since the 60’s.

        • Raymond says:

          Violent crime, Rat? Ummm, no.

          …and then there’s sex offenders (we won’t touch on that topic, though).

  8. well says:

    two reasons
    nothing to debate because:

    1) Harper wait all agenda of Ignaitief finished then he can easy copy cat it like when he talked about trip to china or India etc…

    2)Harper is not disagree with Mr. Ignitieff in most of important issue he only disagree with
    GUN REGISTRY and gun control and refugee immigrant issue link to muslim
    the rest is similar
    differences they and Harper know they are wrong and not talk sense they say because their party and billionar in the list asked him to say it


  9. bigcitylib says:

    An oldy but a goody. Wasn’t it George Bush 1 that started yelling at “Chicken George” at a campaign stop back in 1992? Its always bad for a candidate to start arguing with a giant chicken.

    • The Doctor says:

      You’re assuming that Harper is going to get into an argument with one or more of these people in chicken suits? I personally consider that unlikely, though I suppose you never know . . .

      • Robin says:

        Yeah, Harper doesn’t even have the balls to get into it one-on-one with Iggy, nor is he even allowing journalists to ask him questions, nor does he allow a large swath of the Canadian public into his events to ask questions, so why would some chickens be any different?

  10. Sean says:

    Harper IS debating Ignatieff one on one as part of the regular debate. Were these chickens panellists in the “Thinkers’ Conference”? This is pathetic. Can we have our 3 million bucks back? PLEASE?!

  11. MattMcD says:

    The amazing thing about our protesters is that they have signs mocking in both official languages.

  12. PoliticalPundit says:

    Bring on the Muppets in Their Chicken costumes!

    Harper deserves it in spades!

  13. Mark McLaughlin says:

    Why don’t the Liberals just send their front bench to heckle Harper like they did one of the last elections?

    There’s a reason you won’t see Conservative supporters in ridiculous costumes this election. It’s got something to do with dignity.

    They should team up with Pat Martin with that stupid asbestos puppet.

    • Warren says:

      Says a member of Team Poopin Puffin!

    • Patrick Hamilton says:

      Didnt stop MP Randy White and a bunch of his Reform cohorts donning Mexican sombreros, and dancing to mariachi music with maracas to protest some Liberal senator years back……and lets not forget Stock Days wetsuit shall we?…..and more recently dont forget the “Yes, Yes Yes” attack ads Reform used against Michael Ignatieff only a short month ago, which consequently had to be pulled by your party…..the Liberal Party needs no lessons from Reform on dignity, thank-you…..

  14. Ted (not the other one) says:

    They read your book. Or, you put them up to it.

    • JS Rothwell says:

      Um that really proves nothing other than the blogger is a crap investigator that relies on loose conjecture

    • Namesake says:

      So what do you conbots think you’re on to there, Joker?

      Let’s say the Googler’s right, and the then-17 year-old young lady was on an NDP e-mail list, then.

      Hell, Layton’s already up and said, the other day that ‘Awish Aslam, 19, a political science student, is an NDP supporter who just wanted to check out what the other parties were saying.’
      (as paraphrased in a WFP article: http://urlm.in/hmir )

      So, does that mean that she was there to disrupt Harper or that this was a good catch by zealots?

      Um, no, since:

      1) they thought she was a Liberal supporter (d’oh!);

      2) she IS very mild-mannered: she ‘infiltrated’ the LPC rally, too, and what did she do? She listened politely, then waited politely for the opp. to pose with the leader, and she posted the picture, without any malicious commentary; presumably because she was proud to show how engaged she is as a citizen and poli sci student to be taking the time to check out all the parties equally (and to prove it!);

      3) bubble boy doesn’t take any audience questions, and the audience isn’t miked, so there wouldn’t be any chance of an awkward question tripping him up;

      4) he gets heckled in the HOC in QP all the time — it’s part of the job. And you’re all trying to shield him from a 19-year old girl?

      Bah. You’re all a bunch of Nancies.

  15. The other George says:

    This may have been said before but

    Harper will debate Iggy when the Budget is balanced.

  16. mh says:

    I hear Cons will attend all Igantieff meetings wearing Harper tshirts to see if they get tossed out!

  17. Jim says:

    Just silly.

    “I support my party, so hell ya, I will dress up in a chicken suit and look like a doofus to further the level of political debate in Canada.”

    Seems kinda counter-intuitive to me.

    Doesn’t matter, after the Prime Minister slays Iggy in the debates, look for close to 50% of the popular vote.

    The Liberal party in Canada no longer matters…you dug your own grave. Choke on it.

  18. Herta says:

    If we’re into the “funnies” check out this website http://www.compellingcomics.justsomeguy.com

  19. Eric says:

    Why not recycle the chicken gag? Red Book 2011 seems to be trying to go back to the future. Focus on the family, cancel a major Air Force capital program and roll-back tax policies. Is it 1993 all over again?

  20. Hammer Dom says:

    W, just back home – attended Iggy’s Town Hall here in Hamilton. Over a thousand people, they let anyone in, he answered 15+ questions from anyone with a hand up. Man of the people.

    What a wonderful, charasmatic, intelligent and in-touch individual.

    Harper’s rally, 300 people, and the bus load of McMaster students that were at Iggy’s show – we’ll, they were barred from Harpers an hour before.

    Conservative shit-show.

    Igg’s next PM – I promise you.


  21. well says:

    while Canadian busy of election billion dollar still spend here nobody know details yet

    Mr. Carson did sent too many troops to Afganstan and now we can see so many new proof mission to Libya== MUST REVIEW AMOUNT OF MONEY USED IN THAT PROCESS AND AMOUNT OF JOB DONE

    before new election Harper already not worry about spending his 20 billion to new war zone he used maximum possible nothing left for Liberal to spend it







    This is getting bizarre. The CBC is reporting that RCMP Commissioner William Elliott granted Carson security clearance in 2006 when Elliott was working as security adviser in the Privy Council Office. Carson had been already been convicted of five counts of fraud. Now Elliott has been tasked with investigating Carson, because the prime minister called in the RCMP after APTN reported last month that Carson was allegedly engaged in illegal lobbying after leaving his post in 2008. To make matters more intertwined, Elliott was handpicked by Harper to become the RCMP’s first civilian commissioner in 2007. As one of Harper’s top advisers, Carson would have had access to highly sensitive information.


    Is war zone is method to pas illegal large amount of money under table nobody knows how or to who? Mr. Carson know the answer I guess!


    The war in Libya has cost the United States more than a half a billion dollars so far, but Canadian taxpayers appear to be in for a longer wait before they …




  22. DougCS says:

    Lol I was asked to be one of those chickens…I turned it down. I am regretting my choice! This received so much attention…

  23. Hammer Dom says:

    Turns out I even have to be ‘logged in’ to thumbs up or down on The Spec website.


    But then again, do I REALLY have to thumbs down Harper’s behavior tonight? Bye-bye all McMaster student votes.

    Make comment to: drobbins@thespec.com



    D 🙂

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