04.06.2011 10:39 AM

The end of the party

I’m heading to BNN to do a federal-election related hit. But I wanted to post this best-available transcript of veteran PC MPP Bill Murdoch on a Sarnia radio station this morning. Check this out:

Host: Norm Sterling is accusing Randy Hillier of interfering in this process…

Murdoch: Well, he did…If Hillier did then he shouldn’t have.

Host: Is there a split in the caucus? That’s not what you want to see in an election year…

Murdoch: Well, yes and no. Now, I – see, I like that…I like the different voices and somebody keeping Tim onside. This will make Hudak work a little harder…if he’s going to be a Premier of Ontario then he has to sort this out. And that’s his job to do that. And if he doesn’t sort it out then maybe he shouldn’t be the Premier of the, of the province.


  1. Michael S says:

    Keep digging boys!

  2. I always thought that the splintering of the Canadian right would start at the federal level first but wow, look at the initial cracks in Alberta and now here in Ontario.

  3. I should just add to bits of related research, which all anti-PC factions should find useful:

    Reality Check: Ontario’s Liberals and Progressive Conservatives on Global Warming and Climate Change:

    Eco-Tax: Tim Hudak’s Truth Diversion:

    Ontario’s Liberal / Conservative Deficit-fighting Farce:

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