04.02.2011 06:26 PM

Wire – Heartbeat

Wire was in TeeDot at Lee’s, last night – sans Bruce Gilbert, and (incredibly) 35 years after they began.  They were, and continue to be, a huge part of my musical outlook (and are acknowledged to be influences for R.E.M., The Cure, Minor Threat, Guided By Voices, all of whom I have adored at different times, too).

I don’t know if they played ‘Heartbeat’ last night, but it’s a stand-out track off the godlike genius of Chairs Missing, and clear evidence that Wire was always unafraid to challenge conventions – even punk’s own conventions.  Alright, here it is. One, two, X you!



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    michael hale says:

    I rediscovered Guided by Voices this year. Found the CDs in my old pile and immediately made them mainstays in the car.

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