05.18.2011 10:51 AM

Also, I wish to covey the importance of spulchek at Forain Affirs


  1. Ottawacon says:

    Meh, it is Twitter. But I think it is a serious mis-step. Baird’s name is mud in international circles, between the Camp Mirage fiasco (right or wrong, it was mishandled) and his embarrassing conduct at the UN conference in Bali in 2007. Holding an unpopular position is one thing, but being percieved as erratic and flaky makes it significantly worse.

    • Moebius says:

      “but being percieved as erratic and flaky makes it significantly worse.”

      Ironic, but “perceived”

  2. Emily says:

    All ‘forain’ moves to be under the ‘covey’ of darkness now …

  3. Pedro says:

    Durned mouth-breather probably doesn’t know the difference between Iran and Iraq either. Mind you, does it matter? The Iranians will just laff at us misspelling Canadians now that Harper is in charge.

    • The Doctor says:

      The Iranian government has hated our guts ever since we snuck those Americans out of Iran back during the Iran Hostage Crisis in the late 70s/early 80s. They are an outlaw, pariah regime which has deliberately murdered and tortured Canadians in the ensuing years. Personally, I couldn’t care less what the Iranian government thinks of us.

  4. Rob says:

    Perhaps it’s some form of Conservative newspeak?

  5. TofKW says:

    Warren, I believe you meant the “impotence of spulchek” no?

    That said, I don’t know what I’ll be having more fun with over the next while. Witnessing Layton’s fledgling Quebec MPs as they spread their wings, or watching Baird yelling at foreign dignitaries at various international conferences. Tough call.

    • RN200 says:

      …over the next while? No. You mean over the next 4 YEARS. Majority, baby!

      • TofKW says:

        No, I chose my words carefully.

        Yes the government will last 4 years, but we don’t know how long some of those NDP Quebec members will last until some defect to the Bloc Quebecois.

        Likewise Baird never stays in one ministry for very long. He’s the Swiss Army Knife of ministers; you can use him for a variety of jobs, though he’s not particularity good at any of them.

  6. JStanton says:

    …the Harper government is already considered a joke in international diplomatic circles, and a disaster among the Canadian diplomatic corp. Mr. Harper’s complete lack of geo-politics, and the neutered character of those who serve as his Foreign Affairs surrogates, has cost us decade’s worth of diplomatic capital, and countless new opportunities.

    Placing Mr. Baird in this role sends the message that Canada’s policies will continue to reflect solely Mr. Harpers simplistic, fundamentalist and parochial view of the world.

    Mr. Baird’s singular demonstrated talent thus far has been his eagerness to bully civil servants and others that oppose Mr. Harper’s discredited opinions, and to obfuscate truth.

    While this may be useful for his typically infantile schoolyard assaults, it will not serve Canada well amongst the adults of the diplomatic circle he must now act within.

    It will be interesting to see how this one-trick-pony crashes and burns.


    • The Doctor says:

      I’m so shocked to see you write this. I had thought that you would be giving Baird a big thumbs-up. 🙂

      • JStanton says:

        heh. heh. I call ’em as i see ’em.

        Mr. Baird is as unqualified as any of Mr. Harper’s other bag carriers, I guess. Putting someone who is simply an apparatchik into this role tells us that Mr. Harper will continue to think small, and will remain insular, rather than reaching out to the world for opportunities that could solve our problems, whether economic, social or political.

        Its back to the ‘50’s for Canada, as we feared.


  7. Cath says:

    let me guess? Spelling now counts in Ontario? Who knew? I’ll tell that to my kids when we’re fighting over it as they tell me that their teachers tell them it’s ok to come close to spelling correctly because spellcheck will fix things just fine.

  8. Michael Bussiere says:

    Baird’s credentials include being Laureen Harper’s gay escort, and that memorable trip to Disneyland. Maybe he thinks that is the correct spelling.

  9. Richard says:

    We already had one. He died in 1872 after representing Charlotte in the 1st Canadian Parliament. Good Liberal.


  10. Dave says:

    It may be the first and only time he “speaks” to employees at Foreign Affairs, because it’s said he refuses to deal with public servants.

  11. Robin says:

    Unless it’s exorbitant spending in his riding, no?

  12. Bill M. says:

    How’s this for pure bullshit.

    Stephen Harper wasted no time in bringing back three defeated candidates, appointing former Quebec cabinet minister Josée Verner to the Senate and reappointing Larry Smith and Fabian Manning.

    Minutes after he finished answering questions from reporters about his cabinet shuffle, the Prime Minister’s Office sent out a release announcing the three appointments. So Mr. Harper did not have to address the issue in public.


    Smith didn’t even finish second in his riding.

  13. Robin says:

    Except we don’t have a seat on the UN Security Council, remember that part?

  14. rp says:


  15. Hopefully, Baird will not covey his neighbour’s wife. I don’t think she would appreciate Baird sitting on her as he hatches a brood of partridges.

  16. Conservative Troll says:

    Blah blah blah, the Liberals have been spelling it ‘covey’ for years, rant rant rant, Liberals hate the west. And so forth.

  17. Reality Bites says:

    Laughing at Baird’s spelling is like laughing at Dan Quayle’s. It’s the least important of his many, many flaws.

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