05.01.2011 07:20 PM

Benedict Baldy: a weasel before we even knew he was a weasel

And from Julian Assange’s desk, no less.  B.B., you’ve arrived!  You’re now known world-wide as a duplicitous turncoat!


  1. Brammer says:

    “Vindictive pettiness”

    The US diplomat nailed it.

  2. AndrewOpala says:

    “Rossi indicated some frustration that Ignatieff seemed unable to absorb helpful critiques on his delivery,” the cable says.

    Yipes! Firstly, I have no idea what was conveyed by R.R. to the US confidant. However, how could you be in a situation where this kind of information could be gleaned from your comments? Like, you show up for work one day and say to yourself, “I’m either going to be loyal to the CEO and be part of his team – for better or for worse – or I’m going to be a Freelancer and need to be honest with my boss.” Both ways are perfectly normal ways to act, yet I seemed like everyone was under the perception that he was part of the Team, and it turned out he was a Freelancer out for himself.

    What does that comment help, except the guy saying it? It’s like saying, Iggy is crappy, not because we haven’t tried to make him better. A better line would be “he’s authentic – I admire that in a man.” Rather than “he doesn’t listen to us.” WTF?

    Well – if he read The War Room – R.R. (aka B.B.) needs to respond or he’s done in public life.

    Are you in any Warren? have you gone to Wikileaks and searched for your name?

  3. AndrewOpala says:

    P.S. I have never worked for an a$$hole. I have always worked for great men. But it is exactly this attitude that has kept me working with these men, and had a choice of several for the last 25 years. I’m beginning to understand your angle Warren.

  4. Craig Chamberlain says:

    See — good things have a way of happening, WK.

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