05.11.2011 05:31 PM

Canada Live: Baseless (but fun) Liberal leadership speculation

Warren reacts with surprise to the news that Ruth Ellen Brosseau has been named the LPC’s interim leader.


  1. Bill M. says:

    Tories back off campaign pledge to show a surplus by 2014-15


    I’d say I’m surprised. But I’m not.

    Last time it was no deficits and the time before income trusts.

    I’ll give them this though, they are breaking their promises quicker and with more impunity. Now that’s a learning curve.

    • Attack! says:

      yup: watch this space for the whole gamut of things happening UNDER their “strong, stable majority” that they scaremongered people into believing would happen w/o it:

      – more years of deficit spending? check;
      – outrageous rise in gas prices? check;
      – apocalyptic troubles lapping at out shores? check (ask Manitobans about that);
      – soaring food prices, inflation, and interest rates to follow, and an ensuing slowed economy and stalled job growth (stay tuned).

      At this rate, I expect they themselves will be introducing an IPOD tax, soon.

    • que sera sera says:

      Oh ph0ck off Gord. All the credit and none of the blame for your poormouth boy making promises he cannot keep. Stable economy my a$$.

    • Craig Chamberlain says:

      Or… it is due to the minority government. Oh wait — we don’t have one.

    • Bill M. says:

      Nonsense Gord.

      US dollar has been falling well since before the campaign and is currently rising, Crude is $97 was $113 on election day. Real estate has been in the toilet since 2008. Europe looking shaky? Dude Europe has been shaky for 18 months and the EU keeps coming up with bailout money. And the US “nasty” news has also been there in the open.

      Anything you care to point to was well known during the campaign that ended not even two weeks ago. It was known by all parties and known by all the economists who Harper said endorsed his budget.

      Try Bullshitting someone who doesn’t work in capital markets Gord, you may have more luck.

  2. kitt says:

    Too funny!

  3. Joey Rapaport says:

    Well done Warren… I woulda been drooling and offering her a ride in my Aveo!

  4. WildGuesser says:

    Wow, is that Bill Murray?

  5. allegra fortissima says:

    I first thought it was a Baywatch episode popping up, but then… oh well, never mind 🙂

  6. Transplanted Doerite says:

    That display of vapidity was embarrassing to watch. Krista was pretty bad too. 😉

  7. pcase says:

    “Kooks and kids”?? What a disingenuous statement. You must have read the bio’s of the new MP’s from QC and you are labelling this way?

  8. Jim Hanna says:

    Kooks – hm, pondering aloud on national TV whether or not the US took photos of one of its biggest achievement of the ” war on terror”, sounds pretty kooky to me (ok, he was tired giddy with the excitement, he mispoke, yeah yeah…

    And kids -well thats hardly a slight. The NDP caucus has a large share of university students, and those just barely graduated. They will bring some fresh perspectives to the House, and they will make more than their share of mistakes. But calling them kids – hell, they are kids. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • pcase says:

      @Jim Hanna – Of all the ways to summarize the new group of QC NDP MP’s, I would argue the one off the rails comment from Mulcair and a handful of student types in a QC caucus of 50+ does not really capture or give true insight into the whole picture. I was expecting the worst when I read the bio’s of those newly elected, but was shocked to see the degree of talent is in the group. As Hebert wrote today – “But for all the stories about place-holder candidates, Jack Layton has more solid Quebec caucus material to play with than the ruling Conservatives.”

  9. Jim Hanna says:

    I suspect there may be more genuine kooks then Mulcair in their ranks; but Warren’s comments weren’t disingenious, there is a kernel of truth to them. Should we give Mulcair the benefit of the doubt on what he said? Sure we should really. I heard his comments at the time and it sounded like he was answering the question he thought he was asked, which is how he explained it. But the kids comment stick – and its not a bad thing, either. All parties encourage youth participation. And I look at an MP like Christine Moore, in Abitibi – a young nurse – and I think this has to be good for parliament. Hell, even Brosseau – and if I understood her French right, her son is 10 – having a single mom who was a teen mom, and a bartender – she could do great as well. But they are young, and there are a lot of them; and Layton will have a hell of a time processing them, even with Mulcair on overwatch.

    And don’t forget, Warren is still a member of the Liberal Party – and a possible candidate; and one thing we have to realize, after the dust settles, is the the Liberals main target over the next 4 years will be the NDP. Either to overtake them back to Opposition, or just to get into a better position for a merger. So, don’t expect Liberals will be cutting the NDP any slack, anytime soon

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