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Canucks, choose!

The win last night was the best thing that has happened to the country since – well, since Vancouver hosted the Olympics (there’s a trend developing here…).  In honour of the Canucks’ wonderful victory, I am asking you to settle a debate that my kids and I have all the time – namely, which Canucks logo is best?

This one, designed by North Vancouver artist Joe Borovich, which was the Canuck logo from 1970 to 1980?

Or the current one, which debuted in 1997 and which showed a Haida-style orca in full flight (and may have been associated with the team’s parent company, Orca Bay).

I won’t indicate which one I prefer.  And I refuse to include the horrible “flying V” logo used from 1985 to 1997. It was an abomination.

Vote, proud residents of Canuckistan! Which Canucks logo to you like best?  I guarantee the team is waiting to hear from us!


  1. smelter rat says:

    The current one. No contest.

  2. I like the original logo – it’s very minimalist.

  3. Dino North of Toronto says:

    Sorry, Warren.

    The “flying V” logo has got to win it hands down !

    The only thing missing was the matching Cooper-alls.

    • Transplanted Doerite says:

      You beat me too it Dino. No love for the aerodynamically-inducing flying “V”

      But did they actually have Cooper-alls? I thought it was only Philly and Hartford that did….

      • Dino North of Toronto says:

        You’re right. I just thought that the Cooper-alls would have been a fine complement to the flying V – gold and brown, now less.

        And why did they get rid of the Coope-ralls anyway? Not safe? Too expensive? Too goofy?

  4. Duane says:

    I prefer the new logo. The older one is too much like the Hockey Night in Canada logo. The new logo brings in more elements of Vancouver.

  5. Patrick de Sousa says:

    Original – stick and rink hands down

  6. Mike says:

    Current one.

  7. Tim O'Malley says:

    I understand not wanting to include the ‘abominable flying v’, but to deny the venerable Cooperall’s their rightful place is just wrong. We must help the children, Mr. Kinsella.

    They. Must. Learn.

  8. Cath says:

    I prefer the new one because of the Haida orca – I love First Nation’s artwork and who doesn’t respect the mighty Orca?
    The old logo reminds me of a reverse Al Gore truth

  9. Dan says:

    Where’s the love for the early 90’s?

  10. bigcitylib says:

    Original. The old days were better. Don’t trust anyone under 40. Suck on it, youth.

  11. Gretschfan says:

    The original logo is kick-ass minimalism and is like nothing else out there. The refreshed one is cliché.

  12. Mike_02 says:

    I was hoping for a big-circle “C” embracing a stylized shoulders-up shot of Bob and Doug Mackenzie chugging a beer — so I can’t possibly vote for these sorry-looking graphics.


    Despondent Former Leafs Fan

  13. JT says:

    I kind of like the skate logo. My 2nd favourite is the hockey stick.

  14. Scotty Rowe says:

    The stick one. Simple, yet attractive. The colours are pretty good too.

    The nightmare colours and logos of the 1980s and 1990s are best forgotten.

  15. CQ says:

    It would be the current logo IF the whale face wasn’t adamantly firece looking. There’s already too much of that lame anger boy ‘tude in sports and music. That ‘ol anti-social hard boy business always comes across (IMHO) as being as homosexual as its mirror opposite stance of the bashfully effeminate yet never actually “gay” soft boy.

  16. wannabeapiper says:

    The new one, but it doesn’t work with “Canucks”. They need a new name. Something marketable like the Vancover Pod-a group of killer whales etc. ( Opps I claim a copyright on that now and Warren is my lawyer).

    The old one lacks imagination, is too stiff, and not exactly action packed. The balde isn’t even warped. It looks like it needs red circle around it with a diagonal line through it-“Ball Hockey Playing Prohibited”

    Oh and a nice bagpiper riding on the back of the Orca would set if off handsomely me thinks.

  17. Reid says:

    The original stylized “C”-stick-rink logo without question is the best.

  18. Cow says:

    The current one, absolutely. But my entire time living in Vancouver was during that era, so maybe I’m biased towards what I know. (But it really is a much better logo, especially for Vancouver…)

  19. Domenico says:

    The stick one.

  20. Bill M. says:

    The simplicity of the hockey stick logo is true art.

    One of the best team jersey’s ever.

    That said, Go Bruins!

  21. I prefer the one with the Stanley Cup held up by the captain.

  22. CQ says:

    Give me an ordinary NY Rangers, 80s Oilers, 90s Leafs, Canadiens, old North Stars, early 90s Blue Jays, Dallas Cowboys, or San Fran 49ers logo anyday. The current Canuck logo shouldn’t ‘be afraid’ of using a bit of the green colour.
    That 100% all mono-dark, all sharp edged and anger stuff, naw. And there’s a lot tougher (worse) logos around than Vancouver’s.

  23. S Jones says:

    The hockey stick logo, hands-down. I like the Orca as well (being from Vancouver Island), but the hockey stick is just a better logo, overall. Simple, visual, and sticks in your mind. Good colour use too.

  24. Original. I much prefer their old style “classic” jersey look in blue and green.

    The Orca logo reminds me a little of Rogers Sportsnet Network logo. I don’t hate the Orca logo, but do prefer the classic.

  25. Massimo Savino says:

    As a former Vancouverite – the original. It’s local, it’s elegant, it’s the best.

  26. dave says:

    I understand that after last night’s game they are going to switch to a picture of a stanchion.

  27. The Doctor says:

    The answer is neither of these. The best logo is the one that they’ve never officially used, but which has a huge underground following: the Johnny Canuck character (which Roberto Luongo is currently proudly displaying on his mask). Hands down winner. Cool, tough, and undisputedly Canadian. Stompin’ Tom would approve.

  28. Actually, I like the modern take on the C-stick, the one they use for their 3rd jersey.

    But I like the orange flying V as well — that’s the one they had when they *first* went to the Stanley Cup final, so there’s a lot of nostalgia there.

  29. kyliep says:

    Original logo. Agree the flying V logo in various shades of human excrement was abominable. Thinking they’ll win the next series in 6 games. Vancouver delivered on the Olympics and seems set to deliver the Cup. Good on them!

  30. Derek Pearce says:


  31. MattMcD says:

    The new logo has one problem.

    It was designed as a tie in with Orca Bay which owned the Canucks at the time. It would be like having the logo for whatever the new team in Winnipeg is called be a person holding a copy of the Globe, or the logo for Detroit being a pizza.

    That and the colour scheme sucks. If they went with traditional West Coast Haida colours then it would have been an instant classic. As it stands, my vote goes to the Rink design. Beats out the constipated whale.

  32. Danforthist says:

    I vote for the original, Warren!

  33. hatrock says:

    They should use the following logo: http://bit.ly/k0BtpR

    • Boo.

      Leave our team alone. They were blue and green long before Reform was a spark in Manning’s imagination.

      Besides, a goodly number of our players have been from Northern European welfare states and they rather like our city it seems.

  34. Darren K says:

    I’ve always been fond of Johnny Canuck, but I own a jersey with the current logo, so to save some future expense….. I’ll vote for the current one

  35. The original hockey stick. My koala bear gives it four thumbs up.

  36. RN200 says:

    Stick and rink for sure, totally confuses little kids (“Is that what a canuck looks like daddy?”) as a good logo should

  37. james Smith says:

    I’m old, I like the old school HNiC inspired stick. There is a fella in the Tiwtervese who had a current logo with a Hab’s CH inside it, made a nice comment on the current logo.

  38. Brendan Kane says:

    The original. The Orca logo brings to my mind the image of Mark Messier carrying bags of money

  39. I like the skate blade that spelled the word, “canucks”. My son has all three on his bedroom wall and the blade is the most identifiable.

  40. hi says:

    tottaly orca

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