05.10.2011 02:28 PM

Flush this garbage

Geert Wilders is human garbage.

It was a mistake for the Harper government to let him into Canada (when they had previously, and appropriately, made things inhospitable for George Galloway). It is an even greater mistake to allow a federally-funded facility play host to this asshole.

I know folks at PMO – and James Moore – read this site regularly.  They should do the right thing and ensure that this bigot spews his venom elsewhere.

If they don’t, they risk Wilders’ stink enveloping them, too.


  1. GPAlta says:

    Warren, are you worried that his stink might envelope you, considering that he is speaking “along with Sun News Network host Ezra Levant”?

    I accept that Sun News may have a big tent, but is it really this big?

  2. Charles does not surf says:

    I think one of the main lessons we got from the election is that, even if/when there is stink, sh*t just does not stick to the Cons, so they won’t do anything and probably won’t lose any sleep over this douchetard.

  3. Jon Powers says:

    I don’t know much about the man, but golly gee, would it be possible for me to hear him and make a decision for myself? Oh wait, maybe I should let someone else make that decision for me, right?

  4. Iris Mclean says:

    Apparently, it’s an invitation only event. Sure would like to see the guest list.

  5. Sun Media is also doing its part to promote Wilders, helped along by Ezra Levant who is almost panting with excitement over the opportunity to stir this pot again. Of no surprise, Charles McVety is a headline sponsor of this conference of hatred.

    The Harper Government certainly has some unsavory friends.

    • Iris Mclean says:

      McVety? Harper’s spiritual adviser? Why am I not surprised?

    • Jan says:

      Ezra, having had on Wilders, went on to have on Kathy Shaidle today. Sun News will have trouble topping this.

    • Hunter says:

      Someone should tell McVety that Wilders is gay and watch his brain explode. I’m amused by the unholy alliances of the religious fanatics. McVety promoting a flaming homosexual in Ontario while the Evangelicals and the Muslims teaming up against Burnaby schools that try to promote tolerance against gays.

      • myntje says:

        Geert Wilders is not gay. He’s a married and his wife is of Hungarian origin, proving he is not against immigration.

        Please go and live in the Netherlands, a tiny country with a homogenous culture, so you can have some experience with life there before making a judgement. Mr. Wilders has been elected as a member of Parliament. Millions support him because they live there and experience what is happening first hand. The Freedom Party, of which he is the head, has steadily increased it’s vote and won 24 seats in the 2010 Dutch elections. Hollands ruling elite was shocked at the increase in their support. It woke them up to the true views of the general public. The Party was asked to participate in the ruling coalition.

        Hollands long tradition of openess and liberality is being threatened by a culture that opposes those very cultural norms and seeks to codify those repressive views in law. Many in Holland have faced intimidation, threats and violence from those who wish to impose their values on Dutch culture. Dutch homosexuals, for example, accustomed as they are to cultural acceptance, are now experiencing a, heretofore unheard of. wave of violence and terror against them by those who, in their country of origin, would see men killed for practicing homosexuality. Like other European countries, the Dutch are saying, “No more multiculti and no more accomodation. When people immigrate to our country they must conform to our cultural values.”

        The fact that it is not safe for Mr. Wilders to live at home, that he lived under armed guard in a prison cell for his own safety and had to be moved from place to place on a daily basis because of the threats on his life speaks volumes about the views and actions of those who are threatening him.

        • Philip says:

          Or conversely try living in Mississauga or Brampton where this kind coded racist message is an non starter. It’s not my problem if you can’t be arsed to live with other nationalities and religious beliefs. I am left wondering why this guy is speaking at a venue funded through my tax dollars.

  6. Ed says:

    If you want to hear him, buy a ticket to an event where he is speaking that is NOT held in a building that gets half its funding with my tax dollars. No one is saying you can’t hear what Mr. Wilders has to say. Hell, I even watched his interview with Ezra on Sun news yesterday because I am fascinated at how this mans opinions are deemed legitimate and had to see it for myself. But I pay for that. And it was a private business’ decision to put him on air. Otherwise, let him rent a private hall for the speech or stand on a soap box on the Sparks street boulevard. It’s called free speech, not government-subsidized speech.

  7. Ariella says:

    Wilders and his supporters are nasty pieces of work, not the kind of people any respectable organization should want to be associated with. A family friend of mine in the Netherlands was involved in the decision to prosecute Mr. Wilders and ended up needing 24 hour police protection at his house because of death threats.

    • Peter Jay says:

      Presumably much, much less protection than Wilders needs. Especially given the Theo Van Gogh episode.

  8. Phil in London says:

    Agree with Jon Powers, what is the harm in letting the man have his say? You don’t have to attend if you don’t want to. You got quite a hate monger here, he actually speaks out about Islam terror while stating that Islam is not the same as being Muslim. What a freak, I mean he’d likely suggest radically Islam could fly planes into the world trade center and kill thousands of innocents while heaping abuse on Muslim women with the rate cage hat others call a Burka. We simply can’t have someone suggesting there are some problems with radica Islamists. Let’s all cower under our covers instead.
    Let’s embrace good people from all over the world whether they be Muslim, Black, Jew, Oriental or White. But let’s respect freedom of speech as well.

  9. billyb says:

    Tend to agree with you Warren. However, if the Israeli government can invite ‘this garbage’ to their country on an official visit, it’s hard to believe that our Conservative government would find him unsuitable for ours.


  10. Nuna D. Above says:

    Perhaps Mr. Wilders should overlook the hatred of Jews, execution of gays and suppression of women and tell us what fundie Muslims think about the theory of evolution. Keep it on a deep, serious level.

  11. The other George says:

    C’mon Warren. With regards to Galloway, enough of the “defend Israel at all costs” business. Leave that kind of pandering to Steven Harper, who has already well demonstrated that he is good at it. I prefer my politicians, or potential politicians, to “defend Canada at all costs”.

    Israel has an army, air force, navy, nuclear weapons and a P.R. mechanism that is the envy of the world. I show my respect for Israel by acknowledging that they are big enough to fight their own battles.

    Big enough to take on George Galloway even.

  12. Iris Mclean says:

    I hear that the opening act is Nickleback.

  13. Africon says:

    The courts it seems, disagrees with you re Galloway as do I.

    “Mr. Galloway, who was eventually allowed into Canada after the courts overturned the ruling that kept him out, said the aid he brought to Palestinians was humanitarian in nature and that he did not support the banned organization. ”

    However, I do agree that neither of these people should appear in any Government subsidized facility.
    Would you also apply that same principle to our own Government funded Media outlet – the CBC ?

    Forbidding people that you disagree with from speaking about their views is a slippery slope – it cuts both ways.
    Incitement to violence is quite another thing, imo.

  14. kitt says:

    Wonder what Muslims who voted for Harper think now?

  15. Patrick says:

    In the quest to remedy the ills of the LPC, we’ve heard ad nuaseum that they must first define what they stand for. Apparently, according to this blog, Liberals stand for fascism. Great start!

    Calling your party “Liberal” may be the greatest case of misrepresentation since Lionel Hutz sued the producers of “The Never-ending Story”.

  16. DL says:

    It would be nice (though too much to expect) for the Harper government to condemn hatred of Muslims just as vociferously as they condemn anti-semitism – but I’m not holding my breath. Harper and his people probably secretely agree with everything Wilders is saying and only wish that the political culture in Canada would allow them to come out and say it.

  17. cTown says:

    Let me start of by saying I’m have enjoyed reading all the various points of view on this website over the last month or so being a newbie. Thank you for providing a forum where i get to read what the otter side is saying being a small c conservative.

    With regards to the above individual, I’m not really sure what he has to say or what he stands for, but I find it amusing that those who say they stand for tolerance and freedom so quickly spew out the exact opposite with their words.

    Maybe it’s that kind of hypocrisy found within some on this site (and others) that turned off so many people from voting for the LPC? (not that it’s the only party suffering from this disease).

    Also, while we are talking about not spending our tax dollars to promote one sided opinions, can someone explain to me why I have to keep sending in my tax dollars to support the CBC?

    Just saying. 😉

    • Jim says:

      Scratch a liberal and you will find a hypocrite and quite possibly a racist too.

      Nice thing about a conservative, a socialist or a libertarian is the fact that they have no problem telling you where they stand…not so much for a chamelion liberal…they will tell you whatever it takes to win favour.

      Watch for the Conservative Office or Ministry of Religious Freedom…the right to reedom of belief will be defended…radicalism will not.

      And say goodbye to the fascist HRC commissions.

  18. cTown says:

    Sorry for all the typos above (damn auto spell on the iPad). Please don’t assume it’s due to my small minded, small c brain. Be nice!

  19. patrick Deberg says:

    For God’s Sakes enough!!

    This is Ezra’s first real job!! Instead of begging for magazine subscriptions he is actually working for a living!! Please keep this fellow from defaulting on subscriptions and sort of pre borrowing peoples money. To have a paycheck no matter how small is no mean feat. At least he’s not ripping me off with his bogus western report begging. Go clown go!!

  20. Hunter says:

    I defend Wilders’ right to free speech, by the same token I also defend George Galloway’s right to speech. But no Harper can’t hurt poor Israel’s feelings by letting a failed MP from the UK spew what he wants. Have some internal consistency please Conservatives

  21. Michael Bussiere says:

    How could a nice blonde, blue-eyed male from a nice blonde, blued-eyed country understand racism or any other prejudice any more than Stephen Harper or Rob Ford? You cannot truly empathize with an issue for which you have no basis for experience. Conservative white males love to jump up and down about the Human Rights Commission, the “war on cars”, etc. The last time I checked WASP males were no more under threat than the automobile is under threat on the Gardiner Expressway 24/7.

  22. Jehan Khoorshed says:

    The main point to me is that Wilders (and by extension, closeted bigots like Ezra Levant and Jonathan Kay who promote him) is that he attacks entire groups based on ethnicity or religion. If Levant wrote an article saying, “You may not agree with everything John Gotti says, but the fact is there are a lot of Italian-Americans involved in organized crime” that would be viewed as racist.

    If Levant wrote something simply saying, “Islamic extremism is a major issue and needs to be dealt with and discussed”, I’d be fine with that. Many pundits have gone much further.

    But in fact he goes beyond expressing that legitimate (although problematic and oversimplified) opinion; Levant (and Kay, and Sun Media in general) hide behind free speech to promote a man who is an extremist himself. What does the subjective observation that “Our civilization is far superior to the Islamic one” offer to the discussion?

    We had a similar situation in Ottawa when a city councillor “laid it out in the open” and stated that it was black kids who were causing problems in a specific area (I forget where exactly). If she had said, “kids from the Somali community” or “kids from the Jamaican community”, okay, fine; but she specifically named people based on the colour of their skin.

    I was always taught that as the definition of racism.

    How many deaths have resulted from biker gang wars over the years? Far more in Canada than Islamic terrorism. Would Levant be comfortable with labelling the province of Quebec as prone to crime, violent and corrupt?

    Don’t forget the disdain in which the Irish were once held – drunken, violent, criminal-minded and shifty.

    I could go on, but just let me say I find the current tone of right-wing media very, very disturbing. I’m not sure what their end-game is, but defending Wilders (and pumping him up in an attempt to make him palatable to the mainstream) is way, way over the line. The Dutch have their own immigration issues to deal with, but here in multiracial, multicultural Canada we have always evolved along with our immigrant communities – unless you think the country is the same as it was in 1867.

  23. Attack! says:

    To all you self-righteous liberty lovin’ Cons accusing Libs of fascism because some Libs objected to some people’s hate speech:

    perhaps you’d be good enough to explain why the CPC is poised to push through a new crime bill that will make just _linking_ to a hate speech site illegal and will even make it illegal to post under pseudonyms like most of us (including most of you ‘so what are _you_ afraid of?’ Cons, strangely enough)






  24. JT says:

    WK, although this post is a little old, I think (as a person who sits in between liberal and conservative ideals) that your view of Geert is one of the primary reasons why the liberal party is now sitting in a distant third place. I would suggest that there are MANY people like me in Canada who tend to agree with the man. Yea, he’s a little extreme, but he’s standing up for something that I thing strikes a cord deep within many people. When it comes to liberal immigration policies and issues like the Kadr case, personally I’d much rather get a little tough, than roll over and let foreign or minority interests drive the agenda of this country.

    All that aside, I hope you kick ass tonight and rock the house! Wish i could be there.


  25. Jack Plant says:

    I’d like to know why Kinsella hasn’t been carged with “hate speech”.

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