05.15.2011 10:53 AM

In today’s Sun: When some haters are more equal than others

The Harper Government© sure didn’t take long to show us all what they’d do with a majority, eh?

This week, they let a Muslim-hating white supremacist into Canada. For good measure, they gave the creep a platform at the taxpayer-funded National Arts Centre.

Oh, and the creep and his entourage confiscated the notes of Sun Media reporter Jenny Yuen, too. Then one of his thugs called Jenny up late at night, and delivered a dark warning about reporting things that had not been “approved” in advance.


  1. kitt says:

    Liberals should have been a team and voted together instead of sniping at each other. The party should have supported their leader.

  2. allegra fortissima says:

    I wonder how many students still study Gotthold Ephraim Lessing nowadays:


    His work was definitely part of our high school curriculum. But that was many years ago and might be considered as ‘elitist’ in our oh so “modern” times…

  3. The other George says:

    Quite frankly, I don’t see the gripe. These Galloway and Winders actions are completely in keeping with the strong support of Israel that both you and Harper profess.

    Galloway: demonizes Israel— so, best to keep him out

    Wilders; demonizes Arabs — so, best to let him say it.

  4. Attack! says:

    And George Galloway will likely be rcvng handsome govt funded settlement for the govt funded Minister’s allegedly libelous remarks against him when _he_ was denied the right to be and speak in this country (_without_ having misrepresented who he was and why he wanted to appear in a govt funded building, BTW).

    Funny you don’t address any of THOSE concerns.

    But not unexpected, since deflecting legit crit of the CPC is a fundamental Tulk policy.


  5. Marc says:


    On what lawful ground do you consider that Wilders could be excluded from Canada?

    The decision to exclude George Galloway that you cite approvingly in your article was unlawful.


    Or do you consider that the government should knowingly act unlawfully to make a political statement?

  6. Pete says:

    that’s a load of crap Gord. Canada has a history of not letting hate propogandists into our Country. Of course these Tproes are so Israeli centric they are blind to anything else.
    We are in for possibly the most distasteful four years in our history.

  7. proud_canadian1 says:

    sir you’d be the first to complain if the gov’t had barred this person to enter our country! Remember the last time when the gov’t barred an individual from entering this country? Remember the flack that the gov’t got for barring that person? The first words from you and your minions would have probably been “here we go again censorship!” So nice try sir!

  8. Patrick says:

    “Unfetered freedom to speak should be a fundamental liberal policy.”

    To be clear, you’re talking about classic liberalism. The type of which the Liberal Party of Canada bares little resemblance.

    One cannot call himself both a liberal and a censor. These ideas are mutually exclusive. So if one cannot call himself a liberal, why would he want to deceive people by calling himself a Liberal?

    It’s no skin off my ass what they do. Their party’s down to 34 seats and the electoral trend is ominous. They are fighting for relevance and the consensus revolves around finding their identity. Promoting a fundamental contradiction like this is not progressive. It is just more of the same. Good luck to them.

  9. The other George says:

    When we don’t say something when we see phosphorous bombs being dropped on civilians in the Gaza Strip, we become accessories to terror.

    We should be opening our big mouths when we see this happening.

  10. Attack! says:

    See, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing; too bad you didn’t read the rest of that article, or subsequent developments.

    The govt made that argument, alright, but ultimately LOST it, when there was enough evidence for the Federal Court to make a decision. And it decided that there was NO evidence that the money and cars Galloway donated were going to be used to support terrorism. In fact, “The unchallenged evidence in the record is that the cash delivered by Galloway was used to buy incubators and pediatric dialysis units for a Gaza hospital.”

    So I guess Galloway can add YOU to his suit, now, there, Gordo. Sweet!




    • Attack! says:

      But it’s also a political party, which forms the government of Palestine, and Galloway donated those cars to the Prime Minister.

      Does everyone who donates to that political party or even just pay taxes in Palestine thereby “sponsor” or become an “accessory” to “terror,” then, in your view?

      And care to add some juicy bon mots about the intelligence or legal acumen of Justice Richard G. Mosley (who made the above decision) to the public record, there, Mr. Shootoffatthelip?

      By all means, dig yourself in deeper, rather than ever, ever, admit that one of your right-wing heroes made a mistake.

      • leeky says:

        “But it’s also a political party, which forms the government of Palestine…”

        So because a group is a political entity and holds power it’s okay??

        Incredible statement!

      • Attack! says:

        But I didn’t say their terrorist actions were “okay,” did I?

        I said — or rather, quoted a Federal Court of Canada judge who RULED — that where a group has both a terrorist side AND a legitimate political side, one can perfectly well support the latter financially without supporting the former.

        Another well-known example of this is the ANC: the African National Congress — Nelson Mandela’s party — which had an illegal military wing but went on to form the duly elected (by a majority) government for four elections in a row, now.


      • The Doctor says:

        Yeah, I’m gonna go Godwin here: the Nazis were a political party too. I don’t think that made them ok.

    • R says:

      Who decide that all hamas member are terrorist and Natan YAHOO!!! is not terrorist and some Israeli are not terrorist?

      who made this judgement ? Harper or conservative??????

      I understand some Hamas may kick ass of Natan YAHOO or he would kill so many civilan in past?

      but again in war zone of Paletine and Israel can we say both are acting terrorist ? Yes

      no who is Canada to take side saying Isreali terrorist is better than Hamas terrorist??

      come on give me a break

  11. Dennis Wilson says:

    Everything Wilders said made perfect sense. We need more straight talk and less of Liberals hanging around with Tamil Tigers.

  12. Dennis Wilson says:

    Nice defense bigcitylib: “Torys hung around with more Tamil Tigers than the Libs did this election”. Hahahaha! There is more hatred preached from every mosque in Canada than Wilders ever said.

    • smelter rat says:

      Nice attempt at changing the channel Dennis. The topic at hand was your ignorance of the outcome of the most recent election. Now, as to your latest statement, I’m sure you can provide links to verify your claim? Or are you just another redneck racist?

    • Philip says:

      “There is more hatred preached from every mosque in Canada than Wilders ever said.”. Weak sauce Dennis, weak sauce. Sweeping condemnations of an entire religious group aside, you clearly couldn’t square your Conservative Party’s own glaring hypocrisy over the Tamil Tigers. At turns the Conservative Party has seen the Tamil Tigers are banned terrorist group or launch pad for GTA candidates. So which is it Dennis? Tamil Tiger associated MPs Ok or are they not?

      • Dennis says:

        Give me one quote from Wilders that you define as “hatred”.

        • Philip says:

          You do realize you were the one to create the link between the amount of alleged hate put out by every mosque in Canada and Greet Wilders? Are you even thinking about answering my question Dennis?

  13. Mark Steyn has said the same thing more or less. It is not hate like you think but rather preservation of the West’s culture. Does Quebec hate Anglos, of course not, they just want to preserve their own culture. All Canadians also want to preserve a womens right to be seen as equal, et all. Checks and balances against imported religions as well Christian fundamentalism please Warren. I’m not a fan of double standards.

  14. cgh says:

    I find your inconsistency here interesting, Warren. You find it acceptable to criticize fascist political philosophies from the 20th century, but unacceptable to criticize one from the 7th century. Why? Is it a matter of religion? For example, Dianetics was to be rightly condemned as a medical hoax, but Scientology is sacrosanct because it now holds to a deity called Xenu?

  15. James says:

    Warren , why hasn’t the Liberal Party done anything to reprimand Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis for his derogatory and racist remark about the Macedonian community at a Greek-sponsored, anti-Macedonian lecture at the U of T on March 5, referring to them as “Skopjans”?? Why did he attend such a lecture to begin with, as an elected Canadian MP? Macedonian Human Rights Movement International (MHRMI) has been calling for his resignation and so far there has not been a peep from anyone in the Liberal Party (you can read about this matter on their website http://www.mhrmi.org). Is Karygiannis a representative for all Canadians or is he an agent for the Greek state?

  16. GPAlta says:

    The comments on the Sun website under this column are truly frightening and disgusting. I hope that Warren is trying to change things from within over there and to influence the culture of the readers, which could clearly benefit from his influence, but I would never want to meet any of the hateful bigots that comment there.

    Curiously, no mention again in this column of Sun News personality Ezra Levant sharing the podium with Wilders or of Levant’s recent column http://www.torontosun.com/2011/05/09/levant-radical-islam-issues-hit-here-too that claims that as the Muslim population in Canada increases, so will terror attacks. He says “The challenges radical Islam poses in Holland today are challenges we will face tomorrow — some of them are already here.” and as an example, in the next paragraph “like the foiled plot to blow up the CN Tower and Parliament and murder the PM.” Is there some reason why Warren can’t criticize Levant anymore?

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