05.24.2011 07:23 PM

Liberal rule of thumb

If Alf Apps wants to do something, do the exact opposite. You can’t go wrong.


  1. Sean says:

    as Tony Soprano says “even a broken clock is right twice a day”.

  2. James Curran says:

    They shall set a date? For a leadership vote? Which is not the same as the leadership vote will occur sometime between Nov 1, 2012 and February, 28,2013 That is to say, what stops them from saying in December 2012, “we set a date” of June, 2014? Good Gawd!!

  3. Jan says:

    Who is on the National Board? And do they make decisions unilaterally?

  4. Elisa says:

    There are a great many mad as hell about Apps..doess he tell people in the party what to do , and get away with it?

  5. Dave says:

    Sounds like a good rule.

  6. Derek Pearce says:

    The timetable is generally fine but Apps should just go now for god’s sake, and let an interim President also get on with rebuilding along-side Rae. Garneau should run for the actual leadership.

  7. Liz J says:

    Interim president, interim leader of a rump party, looks like an ominous task for prospective candidates for leadership. Why would Garneau be a good choice? Does he have enough political experience? How would he appeal across the country? It’s slim pickings IMO.

  8. Transplanted Doerite says:

    Since I’ve never met the man, tell me, is Mr Apps as arrogant and smug as he looks?

    Perhaps he should look in the mirror, then at the May 2 results, then in the mirror, then at the May 2 results, then in….

  9. Cath says:

    The Toronto Elites are still in control and playing their turf war.
    What has to happen to your constitution to allow you to start fresh? Because if that isn’t allowed to happen at some level you’re screwed.

  10. Cath says:

    I went back to read Bowie’s piece that you posted here yesterday several times because I think there are so many messages within that one post that could apply to any party – not just Liberals.

    Just as an observation I think that the risk to all parties is that it’s very easy to forget how to listen to what the grass roots are telling you. What happens all too quickly is that the open and welcoming tone changes over time to something ugly and entitled. I’ve seen it happen too often. As soon as your members feel isolated and not valued enough be responded to in some way you lose the end game.

    The little things matter because it connects individuals to politics and politicians…..in a way that too often gets forgotten.

    Listening gets lost among the many voices wanting to be heard. Why? Because somewhere someone didn’t listen.

    Sometimes I feel that as much as new technologies are cutting edge in politics it stands in the way of effective listening on a level that’s important. The dynamic changes.

    Too many politicians at all levels don’t listen. They make a great show of it but if the public can’t connect the dots and get a picture they care about or have raised concerns about politics and politicians lose big time.

  11. I just opened this note (May 25, 11:30 a.m. EDT) from Alf. Could anyone please, please give me a brief translation, then tell me what this means to an LPC member? What should I vote against if I want the Alf to leave the LPC and let new executive leadership take over?


    May 24, 2011

    Please find below the two resolutions which were unanimously approved by the National Board to be placed before the delegates for consideration and vote at the Extraordinary Convention on June 18, 2011. These resolutions were adopted following extensive consultation with the Caucus leadership, riding Presidents, defeated candidates, Commission executives and other Liberals.

    Yours very truly,

    Alfred Apps





    1. The members of the Party assembled in convention, as a Special Resolution, amend the Constitution to add as section 82(1) the following:

    Notwithstanding anything else contained in this Constitution (including, but not limited to, section 54):

    (a) the meeting of the National Board of Directors required by subsection 54(3) as a consequence of the resignation of the Leader in May 2011 shall be held at any time on or before October 1, 2012; and

    (b) at the meeting referred to in Paragraph (a), the National Board of Directors, in consultation with the Caucus and the Council of Presidents and on five (5) months’ notice to the Party, shall set a date for a Leadership Vote between November 1, 2012 and February 28, 2013.

    This subsection (1) shall no longer be of force or effect on the later of the conclusion of the Leadership Vote contemplated by Paragraph (a) and February 28, 2013.

    2. The members of the Party assembled in convention, as a Special Resolution, amend the Constitution to add as section 82(2) the following:

    Notwithstanding anything else contained in this Constitution (including, but not limited to, section 65), the next biennial convention of the Party (which is the rescheduled biennial convention of the Party originally called for June 17, 2011) including the related in-person meeting of the Council of Presidents shall be held on January 13 to 15, 2012 at Ottawa, Ontario. This subsection (2) shall no longer be of force or effect on January 15, 2012.

    • Cath says:

      what’s odd to me (not a Liberal) is the rush to make these changes and the way it’s being laid out/circulated.
      A little slick.

  12. MattMcD says:

    Delay the Liberal leadership convention?

    There’s an Apps for that.

  13. Wow, this must be my lucky day! For years I hear nothing from Alf Apps, then today I get not one but TWO emails from El Presidente. What’s happening? Why am I suddenly so important? Let me guess—

    Again, please translate for the Great Unwashed such as I. Sadly, Alf’s invitation to participate comes a tad too late….


    Bill —

    It is with great pleasure that I announce to you today the selection of Bob Rae as the Interim Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

    Mr. Rae accepts the position with the full support of the Liberal Caucus and National Board of Directors.

    Having dedicated his life to public service, Mr. Rae will lead the Liberal Party as it rebuilds before the next, permanent Leader is chosen.

    Canada now, more than ever, needs a strong voice at the centre of Canadian politics, and Mr. Rae will lead the Liberal Party in being that voice.

    For you, the membership, this is our first step on an important journey toward reshaping and renewing the Liberal Party to face the challenges ahead.

    Soon, we will gather for an extraordinary convention by teleconference June 18 to give our Party a chance to consider and vote on possible constitutional amendments to ensure we have the time we need to rebuild. And we will gather for a biennial convention, to bring the Party together to plot our next steps.

    It is during times of challenge and change that true greatness is required of our leaders. Mr. Rae is one such Leader and I know you will join with me in supporting him fully as he takes the reins of this great Party at this critical moment in its history.

    Our success over the coming months depends on the engagement and continued commitment of all Liberals, including you.

    It also demands that we throw open the doors wide to a new generation of Canadians that will augment our ranks, inspire our vision and rebuild our Party from the ground up in every riding across Canada.

    Thank you for your support.

    Alfred Apps

    President, Liberal Party of Canada

  14. Mike London says:

    I just saw Alf Apps on PnP, and I can only assume he’s on crack.

  15. Miles Lunn says:

    Is there anyway for the party to fire this guy. Many good MPs lost in part due to his arrogance and stupidity while he gets to keep his job. I should also note I am saying this as a non-partisan as I believe the loss of Lawrence Cannon was unfortunate too and there were some Liberals who deserved to lose (i.e. Joe Volpe and Ruby Dhalla) while others like Martha Hall-Findlay, Glen Pearson, and Anthony Rota were unfortunate losses. And I was also happy to see Tories like Gary Lunn (I am not related to him BTW) lose.

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