05.30.2011 10:03 AM

New Ontario Liberal ad

Click on this screen grab to get access!


  1. Tom says:

    fRed? What is fRed?

  2. Cath says:

    pretty good. I love the Harris/Hudak photo because given the mood of the municipalities, and the country via their latest votes, Ontario may just really like the idea of someone getting tough on waste, spending and the notion that “public” is the only way.

    I think it’s a commercial intended for the NDP voter not the PCs which tells me you’re more concerned about Horwath than Hudak because this ads breaks solidly left of centre.

    I like it because I’m thinking that the PCs know that this is the kind of ad the provincial Libs. would come out with.

    I also see McGuinty channeling Harper quite a bit. Coming out first out of the starting gate gives the other parties something to work around….and they will.

    Too nice to be working today – I’m skipping school this afternoon.

  3. Uncle Ted says:

    Any way to see this ad without registering? I’d much prefer not ending up on a Liberal Party email or phone list.

  4. Cath says:

    I think this provincial campaign is going to be all about personalities….and who the public has grown tired or and who has something new and fresh to offer. Who presents the best balance and choice with a federal majority and Ford at the Toronto helm?

    • Paul says:

      Like many Ontarians I’ve grown very,very tired of McGuinty but Hudak’s personality does not appeal to me at all and his ideas are well… all I’m hearing is the same tired old crap about “getting tough” on crime, etc. GPS bracelets for sex offenders is just not something I give a rat’s ass about either way, and I’d prefer to see students hired to pick up garbage, etc. rather than prison chain gangs (or union members, for that matter…)

      I’m basically stuck with the old “South Park” dilemma: The Giant Douche or the Turd Sandwich. (as for the NDP… I’m sure Horwath is a nice lady and all, but let’s be realistic here…)

      I hate to have to say it, but with a Conservative majority in Ottawa and Ford Nation running Toronto, keeping the Turd Sandwich in power for another term might be the only way to maintain some balance.

  5. Michael Behiels says:

    Compelling in the most muted sort of way!

    Alas many Ontario voters are not old enough to remember the Harrisites’ destruction of health, social services, and education in Ontario.

    The problem is that Hudak and his generation don’t remember this destruction very well either! This is why they will forge ahead with their plan to turn the clock back to a pre-1960 time, a golden age of WASP control over Ontario’s politics, economics and society during the Drew and Frost eras.

    Hope the new ads are completely forward looking.

    • I remember the savings promised by consolidation of hospitals and the ensuing disruption to community and staff.

      I remember a hospital scheduled for closure still found a way to spend millions on a new atrium only to become an empty, derelict hulk a few years later.

      I remember seeing broken glass underneath the hospital bed in my wife’s private room at the birth of our second child. How long was it there, where did it come from? The hospital did the right thing and credited the additional charges for a private room but that’s the sort of thing that happens when you axe a budget with little or no planning.

    • Dave says:

      That’s funny – I would tend to agree that “many Ontario voters are not old enough to remember the Harrisites’ destruction of health, social services, and education in Ontario”.

      Yet, we are also told, supposedly, that Bob Rae is radioactive because of “what he did to Ontario” – never mind that what he “did to Ontario” is what Harper is doing to Canada… and that he did it BEFORE Harris.

      So, I wonder which is it? People have forgotten Harris, but remember Rae in a negative light? Remember both? Remember neither? I find it hard to believe that people’s memories have been wiped for the period 1995-2003, but remain intact for 1990-1995.

  6. Mulletaur says:

    I love the positivity of this. I think those who are inclined to vote Liberal in October will too.

  7. Mike London says:

    I notice the “Liberal” name doesn’t come up. The fred thing confuses me a bit, but it’s well done overall. I don’t know how well the Harris reference works en masse, but it sure works for me. That was a terrible time in Ontario, people fighting about everything. Never again, please.

  8. MississaugaLibPeter says:

    Fred, red, I don’t know. All I can think of is my days in high school, when at Model U.N. at the U. of Calgary I blurted: “Better dead then red” on my way to winning a speaker award as the great ambassador from Paraguay.

    Fond memories WK, remember Wozniak and Zilinski? My home room teacher was Doyle, who was shot by Ng at the Bay – where he played security guard off hours at the downtown Bay. Who was yours?

    • Warren says:

      Holy crap! A BCHS man!

      Zelinski. He liked me, I think, but one day announced to the class that I was “a communist.” That was odd.

      I remember Wozniak. Wow.

      We should together and compare notes. I also need to ensure you don’t have any incriminating pix of me from the Hot Nasties era. (There are plenty.)

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