05.20.2011 08:25 AM

Pro-PC columnist in pro-PC paper: Hudak plan “strange,” “wobbly,” “curious”

When wee Timmy Hudak can’t even get a good review from my friend and Sun colleague Chris Blizzard, he’s in deep caca. Chris has closely examined Hudak’s pocketbook “plan” of yesterday – and found it rather lacking in detail.

Oh well. At least Timmy was clear about one thing. Two years ago, he promised to “stop the HST in its tracks.”

As of yesterday, he has finally admitted he plans to keep it.

Here’s Chris:

I went to bed Wednesday night thinking things were quite normal around here.

By Thursday I thought I’d fallen down a rabbit hole and woken up in Wonderland.

The Tories are stealing their election platform from the NDP.

Strange but true.

…the next tricky question for Hudak is how do you pay for it?

The NDP have this in their platform, but say they’ll pay for it by hiking corporate taxes.

Hudak can’t do that. His is the party of business and raising corporate taxes when we’re emerging from a recession would be devastating to the economy…

The Tories had better firm up some numbers by the time they release their platform because that’s too wobbly to take to the bank.


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    JT says:

    Any reason why you’ve shortened her name from Christina to Chris?

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      JenS says:

      That’s sort of like asking why people shorten my name from Jennifer to Jen. The only person that bothers is my mother. Are you Blizzard’s mother?

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    Jon Adams says:

    Why does the Sun only allow one sentence per paragraph?

    Why all the rhetorical question?

    Sentence fragment.

    Perhaps I should say something damaging and get away with it by prefacing it with the word “perhaps.”

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    Dude Love says:

    The whole Hudak thing is getting boring. Talk about the Canucks and the NHL coming back to the ‘Peg!

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    The Trusty Tory says:

    As someone who has voted PC provincially my whole voting “career”, I am absolutely not going to vote in favour of someone who can’t even describe to us how he plans on offsetting the costs on our hydro bills. Maybe as we approach election time they’ll come up with something, but if you can’t tell us how you’re going to offset the removal of the HST – then there’s a problem.

    The debt retirement charge, ironically, was introduced by the Progressive Conservatives during their “amalgamation” (although, arguably, it could’ve been to pay off those gold pensions handed out to incompetent CEOs) and I welcome its death. But if that’s going to cause a huge deficit and sky high, out of control hydro prices, then forget the whole deal. Seriously – I am having a hard time with this guy. Ugh.

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    Ed says:

    I am too. Above all else, my gut tells me this guy is just not serious. He likes to lob criticisms and populist BS at me, but thats all he seems interested in, not governing. I think he would be happier in a war room than as leader of the PC’s

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