05.17.2011 06:42 AM

Randy Denley in his own words: stuff on which we agree

“Why did I let Spiro talk me into making this loose cannon a candidate?”
  • “People will rightly look to PC Leader Tim Hudak for guidance, since his party is leading in the polls. So far, there isn’t much to see. Hudak’s comment that he is consulting “moms and dads and small-business owners” is just inane.” December 10, 2010
  • “Some have idly suggested Watson wanted out of Queen’s Park for fear the Liberal reign there was coming to an end, though that’s unlikely given the invisible far-right performance of Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak.” July 28, 2010
  • “PC leader Tim Hudak has helped McGuinty by presenting himself as a cartoon character.” May 6, 2010
  • …Tim Hudak’s tactics in opposing the [HST] plan have been juvenile and ineffective. Hudak plays politics like the Ottawa Senators’ Chris Neil plays hockey. There’s lots of banging and crashing, but not much to show on the scoreboard.” December 7, 2009
  • “New Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak managed to grab some media attention in his first couple of days on the job, which is pretty important considering that most people have probably never heard of him. Too bad what he had to say was the predictable, kneejerk stuff one has come to expect from opposition leaders…The role of official pest has to be balanced by something of substance, and Hudak has a lot of work to do there.” June 30, 2009


  1. Cath says:

    Denley’s a good snag. He followed Dalton closely when he was in opposition – I’ve kept some of his best stuff, some of which have some choice Dalton quotes contained within. His quotes above just prove that he can be critical of his party and the leader – same as you re: LPOC. No big deal.

    Just like in the days before the federal election I find it interesting that you’re devoting so much time to Hudak and not your guy. The question for me is why…..and there are a few scenarios but I have to wonder if the reason you’re trying to define Hudak so quickly (and you started months ago here) is because they’re more of a threat to the prov. Liberals than you’ll admit or you’re lobbing blanks as a diversion away from your man getting too much attention for too long?


    By the way, I read your column today in the London Free Press re: the LPOC fortunes or not looking ahead. Good column but wondering if you’re suffering from election fatigue?

  2. Michael S says:

    I’m not the biggest fan of Bob Chiarelli. But I give him this: He is disciplined, prepared and professional. While I live in a different riding (Ottawa Centre-Elitist) I might show up at an all candidates debate just to see Chiarelli perform rhetorical brain surgery on Denley.

    I don’t think Randy is quite prepared for life as the recipient. His kind of dish it out can’t take it in.

  3. patrick Deberg says:

    Hey Gord,

    He’s writing about the guy that’s leading his party. Get it? The guy who is leading the party in the next election he just joined. Randy is saying this guy can’t lead. His party. It will be tremendous fun to see what Randy will say next. It might be time to turf Tim and bring on the straight shooter Terry Kilrea !! Hey I hear Larry O’Brian is looking for work!! Think off all the fun we could have with Larry or Terry at the helm of the good ship PC Party! I got drunk on a boat and woke up mayor while giving council an enema!!!

    • Attack! says:

      why are you kibitzing about Ontario politics, anyway, when 1) you’re not an Ontarian; 2) you’re not a PC supporter, but a CPC (which is quite a different beast) & an AB Wild Rose Party supporter?

      Is it because YOU have issues?

  4. Ted says:

    Last I checked it was the leader of the progressive conservative party that he was attacking not the progressive conservative party.

    Just checked again. Still the leader of the progressive conservative party that he was attacking not the progressive conservative party.

  5. Attack! says:

    and yet, somehow, it’s become ‘The Harper Government’ in their official good news announcements (but, um, still ‘the Government of Canada’ for the news they want the party to distance itself from, like ‘Fill out the Census… it’s the law.”)

  6. patrick DeBerg says:

    Hey Gord!!

    Clue in starbright ! Warren didn’t care for the leader of the party. That would be M Ignatiaff. He’s Gone…..
    Randy thinks Tim is inspector Clouseau and he has not quit. Get the difference now ?

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