05.11.2011 06:34 AM

SFH for Manitoba

Our lead guitarist, Ritalin Boy, is the devilish fellow featured on the SFH poster, below.  He’s from Brandon, Man., parts of which are fully under water (his Dad, by the way, was a Conservative cabinet minister, under Dief).  At our gig tomorrow night – parts of which I’ll be stepping out on, because Face To Face and Strung Out are at the Phoenix – we will be passing the hat for Manitoba flood relief.  Folks there are facing terrible destruction and devastation, and they deserve all the help we can give.

And, if you can make it to the show tomorrow night, please do!


  1. smelter rat says:

    Nice. As someone who has been involved in flood efforts in Brandon (but who is still high and dry!) this is a much appreciated gesture.

  2. Big Old Goofy Man says:

    Stepping out in the middle of your band’s gig for flood relief to see other bands?
    Now that’s a commitment.

  3. Attack! says:

    Start practicing this old Standell’s proto-punk number:


  4. smelter rat says:

    Donations could be made to the Red Cross or the Salvation Army. Both organizations have been stellar in assisting flood victims and all of the volunteers and others who are pitching in to manage this disaster.

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