05.26.2011 05:53 AM

The Post on Tim Hudak

Kelly McParland:

“I’m starting to worry about Tim Hudak. He’s going to chop the HST off home heating, and says he’ll pump $6.1 billion into healthcare, which he’ll get from reducing Ontario’s “bloated bureaucracy.” Harper is only hoping to find $4 billion in bloat from the entire country, so it seems a stretch that Ontario can have $6 billion in bloat all to itself. Plus, he’s joining the ranks of every other politician in the country, i.e. he has no idea what to do about healthcare so is just promising to keep spending money until it all runs out…Just once it would be nice to have a politician who didn’t undermine any chance of success before he even gets the job.”


  1. Marc L says:

    Cutting the HST on home heating is bad policy, period. The very idea of a tax like the GST is to minimize distortions by taxing everything — goods as well as services — equally. That’s why most economists prefer it to a simple sales tax on goods only. Exempting this and that defeats the purpose. As for finding $6 billion, well good luck with that. Another case of politicians promising anything to get elected.

    • Michael says:

      Wasn’t this a policy that Jack Layton came up with in the federal election?

      So is Hudak’s plan to be more socialist than the NDP?

  2. wassup says:

    What is WhoDat supposed to say, the truth? That Ontario is broke and socialist medicine is killing us? That paying high school educated cops $110,000 a year plus fat pensions for working three 12 hour shifts a week is irrational? What would you have the man do?

    After a generation of Liberano Cult worship, the Truth is a ticket to the back of bus in Canada. The key for WhoDat is to win in Ontario, and that requires getting in the gutter with McDaddy and fighting with knives.

    WhoDat will follow the same path as Harper. Slowly ween the population off the cult of Liberano leftism. 100 Small steps will take you farther than one big step.

    WhoDat will watch as Harper slowly cuts the Liberano subsidy over three years. Why not cut them off all at once? Because bleeding them slowly to death will help drag the NDP down with them through infighting and increasingly desperate merger attempts. McDaddy’s followers will be harder to destroy, but the first step is to get in the gutter and take out your knife.

  3. Ottawacon says:

    And on queue, we get Hudak on forced prisoner labour.

    I have to ask myself, does anyone competent really think the electorate is quite this stupid? It is depressing to even contemplate.

  4. Harith says:

    Like Rob Ford, Hudak just wants to run in with his populist ideas and enact them right away, with nary a clue about how the Ontario Government is dealing with things.

    Too bad for Hudak that he doesn’t have a shifty brother in the background to pull the strings.

    • Michael says:

      Having been part of the Mike Harris cabinet, Hudak is use to coming up with simplistic solutions to complex problems.

  5. W.B. says:

    He’s finally blown it with this chain gang proposal.
    People don’t want to see crews of prisoners out in parks and rec centres and along the side of the road when they’re driving to activities and events and up to the cottage. They’ll have to be dressed for ID purposes, require intense supervision (costly) and will represent a heightened chance of escape and danger.
    I haven’t really been going along with you too much on this Hudak stuff, but he’s really blown it this time.
    This should open up some room for Horwath on the opposition to McGuinty front. Right?

  6. Mike London says:

    Mr. Hudak is in over his head, let’s just be honest about it.

  7. Remi Aubin says:

    I am pissed with mcGuinty to be sure.. but this piece of shit (whodat) will not get my vote. I’m starting to think neither will get my vote. Disgusting. Period

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